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  • Colours to Keep in Mind while Restocking your Closet

    How many times have you taken out all your clothes from the closet and wondered for the umpteenth time that you have nothing suitable to wear? This can mean two things; either your wardrobe needs a complete revamp or you are a shopaholic who simply collects but never shops wisely! You can view this as a good opportunity to restock your closet and bring in new cuts, designs and colours.

    Printed Sarees Printed Sarees

    You cannot build a colour palette unless you are aware of your own style or choice or colours. Some shades like black, brown, beige and blue are universal, they are classic and can be effortlessly teamed up with other shades. Including them in your colour palette is a good idea, especially if you are partially cleaning out the old stock. If these shades are your main colours, choose a secondary set of shades as neutrals and accents. This should be varied enough so that they can be mixed with other colours for a good ensemble. You will be wearing a lot of the main colours, so buy jackets, trousers, shoes and coats of the same shade. For a neutral canvas, you can opt for muted shades and pastel tones, like different shades of pink and blue. Your accessories like your scarves, ties, tops which you would generally pair up with your basics should be your accent colours.


    Once you have decided on your base and accent/highlight colours, it is time to bring out your imaginative self and play around with the shades. Good thing about black and white shades is that you can be quite flexible with these shades and can integrate them easily in your outfits. There are many ways you can do it. With block dressing, you can one solid colour from your palette and combine with not more than two other shades. In block dressing, you can have coloured shirts, shorts or small items and mix them with neutral shades like a leather jacket or a pair of denim jeans. To add a bit of variety to the way you dress, you can opt for tonal dressing; choose a single colour which acts almost like a theme and wear different shades of that colour in your outfit. This gives you a lot of liberty in choosing your shades and experiment with shades.


    While restocking, it is good to go minimalistic. You can be imaginative with colours even when you are being a minimalist. Often there are shades which make us happy and integrating them in your wardrobes can make you feel good. You may have happy memories associated with the colour yellow or feel serene in green. Do not forget to add those colours to your closet, because the ultimate aim is to feel good while wearing your dress!

  • New Year New Resolution

    With the arrival of the New Year people already started to make new lists of resolutions. Some points are added for the first time and many are there that have not been achieved in the present year and thus pushed to the next one. Best Salwar Store Simaaya bestows a sincere effort to enlighten you about some resolution ideas for the coming year.

    Be more awesome than last year

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    You will find yourself at home most of the time when you get stuck in a rut. Meet new people, be interesting and have a beautiful network in the coming year to be more awesome. Clear your mental blockage and make lots of good friends. Overcoming shyness is indeed an achievement, is not it? If you are confident and other people notice it, it will be much easier for you to have your opinion heard.

    Be More Active

    Ignore all negativities of your life and embrace positivity. All you need to do is to find a way of moving around throughout the day instead of staying hunched over the computer. Spend more quality time with your family; have at least one meal together and go for a long fresh walk after dinner with your partner.

    Change Is on The Cards

    Make a list of major and minor life style changes. Keep remember that self help is the best help and stick to those changes only which are beneficial for health, both mental and physical. Try to find out interesting ways to increase your focus and cognitive capacities. Meditation reduces stress, lessens anxiety and even increases the brain-activity which involves muscle control, sensory perception, decision making and self control; so make it a habit of everyday, trust me, at the end of the day you will discover a new you.

    Lose Weight, Stay Fit


    December month comes with many occasions and so many people pack on pounds during this time and then resolve to lose the weight in the new-year. This is the time to gear up to lose those extra kilos by enrolling to some good gym. Carrying excess weight puts us at a greater risk of a whole range of serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes; without making much fuss about what to eat and what not try to keep it simple. Eat lesser amount and try to stick to it throughout the year.

  • 4 Ways To Dress Your Mom This Mother's Day

    Untitled design (19)

    Mother's day is not too far, and you are surely not going to disappoint your mom by not throwing a tiny, cozy party at your home (private party, just you, dad, and mom); will you? Or else, maybe you could take your sweetheart mother for a movie, and then to a restaurant to spend some quality time. But, whichever place you have chosen to make her feel special on Mother's day, make sure you dress her up in the best way possible.

    Apart from throwing a party, you can also gift her a pretty attire, which she can don on Mother's day and spend some quality time with you. Not sure how to dress her up; or which attire to gift her on this Mother's day? That's not a big problem, after all, Simaaya fashions is there to rescue you from such a complicated dilemma of picking the right attire for your mom. Simaaya Online store has a huge collection of ethnic and indo-western, so you will literally be spoilt for choice.

    Here are certain attires that you can gift your mom, and dress her up like a youthful and elegant lady on mother's day:

    Make her wear a comfy printed saree

    1 (4) The scorching summer has arrived with a bang, and there is hardly any woman who likes to wear sarees in this clumsy season; yet, a light, printed saree can sometimes be of great help! Printed chiffon sarees can be a woman's best wear during summer, especially if there's a cheerful occasion, for instance like mother's day. So, gift your mom a pretty floral print saree or a block printed saree on Mother's day, and ask her to don it before you both party together.

    Why don't you gift her palazzo suits?  

    Untitled design (18)

    If your mother is someone who likes to try out different styles and attires, then just gift her a gorgeous palazzo suit. Palazzos have been tagged as the "summer cool" bottom wear, so just imagine how wonderful a palazzo suit would look on her! Just don't ponder so much, buy your mom a palazzo suit, and ask her to glam up on mother's day.

    A-line suits would enhance her beauty quotient


    A-line churidar suits are something that any woman can wear, despite their age. So, if your mom likes wearing salwar suits, then you can definitely gift her a sober A-line churidar suit, and ask her to wear it as a 'mother's day special attire'.

    Is she an indo-western freak?

    1 (2)

    If you mommy dear is an admirer of indo-western clothing, gift her embroidered tunics. Tunics are a very versatile indo-western wear, and can be teamed up with many bottom wear. So, just gift her a tunic and let her pair it with whichever bottom-wear she's comfortable in.

    So, these were the four ways in which you can help your mom dress up beautifully on this mother's day. What are you waiting for? Gift her any of the above-mentioned attire, and help her doll up on this important day.

  • All You Need To Know About Hot Colours in March

    March is a season, when the weather is fast changing and hot and humid winds have replaced cold winds. We bring to you some of the hot colors that you must indulge in this month.

    Tango in Tangerine

    A season to bid goodbye to fresh juicy oranges, keep it fresh in your fashions. Choose your outfit with this hot color and look glamorous in the coming beach party. What say? If you are having your wedding too, this color will never let you down.

    Icy Pink

    A softer and cooler hue to match the spirit of March, icy pink is a shade that allows you to look extremely elegant and charming rather than being loud. This romantic color will always remain in fashion. So, let your imaginations play with your favorite dress. A big gown, an evening dress or a simple sari with silver embellishments, all will make you look simply enchanting like a princess. You can also give a bold touch to your look by opting fuschia pink.

    Cool Blue

    One of the most refreshing shades to pick, you can settle for sky blue or aquamarine. Blue is a shade that helps in proving calmness and sharpening random thoughts. Whether you are choosing a designer lehenga or a suit or simply a sari from Simaaya, this shade suits every complexion and everyone possibly can carry this color. So, start experimenting!

    The Mellow Yellow

    This is a shade, that makes you look absolutely cheerful and charming. You need to select the shade with extreme care, looking into the color of the complexion. Buttercup yellow is a color that suits fair and those having a dusky skin. Dresses with plain shade or with prints look absolutely beautiful. If you are opting for a sari, then go for the ones with silver border as both the colors compliment each other’s well.

    Red is the classiest of the colors, which goes well in every season, whether it be summer or winter. If you are opting for a bridal dress, this is a hue that will never fail and break your look.

    So, come on and flaunt your style this March!







  • Valentine Bride Look

    Are you getting married in first half of February? Then we bring for the Valentine bride tips to look the best on your most special day.

    Wedding Dress

    Go for a beautiful and romantic wedding dress. If choosing a sari, go for red as tis the color of the season. As this is the time when the season is not too hot or cold in India, you can surely opt for silks to get that rich look. Red Benarasi or Kanjivaram with golden border will make you look more glamorous and sunning for sure. Get a well –tailored blouse and also give it a trial till you actually feel satisfied. If you are going for lehengas, then pink with golden embellishments will certainly make you look elegant indeed. If you love being bold flaunt your personality wearing a red lehenga. You can surely opt to look absolutely gorgeous in golden designer lehenga too.



    Wedding is the day when a lady wishes to look her best. Her hair to make-up, everything needs to be meticulously done, so that she looks her elegant and charming. This will make her feel extremely beautiful. If you are a bold person, you can surely go for bold lips or eyes with hot pink lip color or fiery red, which is very much in trend these days. If you are hiring a professional make-up artist, you can also learn the ways to be expert in applying make-up if you are not that confident.



    In case of accessories, choose a clutch or a potli  where you can keep something like a lipstick or some touch up items and not just your handkerchief. Do not go for too big or tiny ones. Choose a piece which is not that heavy, but has been designed carefully to make you look the best.


    The shoes or sandals must match the dress and it is absolutely safe to opt for golden slippers if the border of your wedding dress is golden.

    If you are going for white dress or something in silver, your jewellery and even other accessories should have a silver touch. If you are wearing golden jewellery, then wear something that matches your bridal wear. A small tip of advice is, not to choose a choker as it will take away the comfort level from you. Instead go for a beautiful necklace.

    Follow these simple tips and look absolutely smart and ravishing on your D day. Let the color of romance spread everywhere with you, as D day, is indeed the most special day in your life.

  • Wedding Trends 2016– Top 5 Tips for the Bride

    Indian bridal fashion is implicated as always with all things extravagant and exquisite. It is customary to step out of the simple even for a bride who has not been that much of a fashionistas herself. The truth of the matter is a bride has to stand out and of course in a way that her fashion picks should be outstandingly different and distinct from the rest of the battalion. The demand for designer and exclusive trousseau therefore is on the rise as it guarantees individuality, matchless and unique.   This year we bring 5 select styles for the bride to look diva like.


    1. The indo ethnic – traditionally speaking one major trend that has made a comeback is wearing a heirloom trousseau, passed on from one generation to the next. Say you pick your grandmother’s beautiful kanjeevaram and style it up with a help of designer to match the aesthetic of modern time. A little patchwork or embroidery the way you like it can add much oomph to the style. Remember Kareena Kapoor Khan’s wedding dress? It’s the same way that you can go traditional without having to discard the modern.


    1. The bohochic – shifting a little from the traditional outlook to a little bold, if you want to try something different in your wedding you can go for the bohemian look, something that can be a beautiful mix of vintage and the modern. One of the most important aspects of the look is the colour play. Rich contrasting colours with a good mix of fabric can give you an ideal bridal look. Sleek tailoring and smart cuts can induce oodles of sensuousness making you look petite, poised and polished.
    1. The quirky – There are people who believe in the absolute quirky; to the extent they end up creating a totally new kind of fashion statement. For this kind of people it does not matter if it is a saree or a lehenga choli, they can really go super easy with styles as dhoti saree and high neck blouse. The quirky type is not only bold but has panache for creating exuberant style quotient.


    1. The Classy – for those who believe in impeccable style and hi-end fashion, an ethnic benarasi or beautiful lehenga exclusively made for the occasion is a good choice. Consult a designer or a designer boutique to find out the best of options. Simayaa’s exclusive bridal line covers a variety of choices to cater to the vagrant fashion sensibilities of modern urban women.


    1. The Simple – yes there are brides who would prefer to go simple with their D day look. Simple here can be referred to as mellow colours, intricate designs and embroideries, clean cuts and neat makeup. Simplicity with these women reinstates sophistication and this is their style. If you are looking for simple chaste rare designs try Sasya’s Rare Wear Collection online.

    When selecting a bridal trousseau, consulting the expert is necessary as the designer with his/ her knowledge on fashion can guide you on aspects as colour, cut, fabrics, in fact the entire look you want to don on the wedding day.  What is necessary is to pick the right store to help you identify what you need. Eastern India’s favorite designer boutiques Simayaa and Sasya are two best places where you can go looking for designer bridal dresses. Infact if you want you can also shop online from these stores. Explore endless options of fashionable bridal trousseau from India’s best designer boutique Simayaa and Sasya.

  • This Wedding Season, Let Everyone Say Wow!

    So there’s something unique about weddings. Ah! Indian weddings to be precise. Whether you are getting married or your friend or relative is, there is this entire gamut of beautiful chaos around you. So you may not (or may) enjoy the constant gossiping of aunties and oh so aunties about you being ‘next’ in that glorious mandap, but you definitely (and you must!) enjoy the most important part of this occasion; getting dressed!

    Being the epicentre of all discussions at the wedding and the heart of all attractions is what you have been craving for. After all, who doesn’t want to be showered with compliments and make everyone go J! To look your stunning best, yet not overdo it to look like the bride herself can be quite a challenge. You cannot choose between this dress and that dress, this earring and that necklace, and you are surrounded by hundred opinions to add to the confusion. Peace! We are here to help you out.

    designer sarees online, sarees online, wedding sarees online, wedding desinger sarees Wedding Wow Collection

    To transform your wedding woes into wedding wows! The easiest way to decode the Indian weddings is to see them as a mix of different functions. The occasion kicks off with haldi which is about colours and warmth. Mehendi is when heartily celebrate tradition in its beauty. The cocktail is where you dress to kill! Sangeet is when the occasion receives a high. You dance your heart out and sing aloud. You need to look in rhythm. Or, like rhythm! The wedding day is when it all concludes, so a grand magnificent look works best. Every occasion has a distinct mood, distinct flavour and hence demands a distinct fashion style. We ensure you look distinct with our occasion specific collection. Look wow! And leave everyone in awe of you.

    Check out exquisite sarees, lehengas and more at Simaaya Fashions

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