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  • 5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Indian Wedding Saree


    No ethnic wear compliments the Indian woman's figure better than the classic sari, which has evolved over thousands of years, giving many varieties of designer Indian sarees. Whether draped in a traditional or trendy saree, every Indian bride wants her wedding sari to look elegant, graceful and jaw-droppingly beautiful. These five tips will help you choose the perfect Indian wedding saree.


    stone_worked_wedding_saree_11) Fabric and Embroidery 

    Embroidered fabrics add timeless beauty to any wedding attire. If you find matching the right material with your body type and the season is challenging, pick a saree material that you are comfortable managing and have worn before the big day. Modern Indian wedding sarees come in a combination of fabrics: Georgette, silk, satin, velvet and raw silk can stand alone with heavy zari work and delicate stones added to prepare the perfect wedding drape. There is something ageless about a handloom embroidered Benarasi silk saree or South silk Kanjivaram sari with gold thread work that makes it a favorite pick for bridal wear. Various embroidered motifs in brocade and gold accessories add bling to the natural sheen of the fabric. Sometimes pearls and gems are also intricately worked into a wedding saree to add even more charm and colour.


    designer sarees online, sarees online, wedding sarees online, wedding desinger sarees2) Colour

    There are so many delightful colours to choose from that it may seem confusing. Keeping the colour combination as simple as possible is important in wedding sarees. One easy way to choose is to go with the latest trends and colours that are "in" this season. Fuchsia pink, reds, corals to mustard, ivory, mint green and golden saris are all the rage in the wedding season. It is wise to select a colour that enhances your skin tone and individuality, keeping the time of day in mind. Golden thread work goes well with maroon, reds, corals, mauve, mustard or green and they suit most Indian complexions. However, it is essential to experiment with new colour combinations like Cyan and deep blue saree to stand out at a wedding.


    10006-green-saree-detail3) Fitted Blouse

    It is true that a saree blouse can make or break your look. After picking the design and colour, getting a really well-tailored blouse with awesome fitting is imperative to complementing a fabulous wedding saree. It should not hang too loose or tight as if to suffocate you. Last minute readymade ones won't do, so take the time get your saree blouse measured close to event. Look dazzling in designer wear by getting it stitched by a branded store or specialized tailor. Remember it is essential to wearing a comfortable bra of the right size while getting measured to get the most accurate fitting. If you want to pick your own material, keep in mind thick blouse material is best for winter and summer needs. Trendy net sarees coupled with net blouse designs are all the rage today, but traditional silks with heavy zari and resham embroidery for your wedding saree will need a brocade and colourful blouse.


    black-bag-main_14) Bring on the Bling

    Wedding outfits should accompany matching jewellery. It is a precious and personal part of your ethnic outfit , not just adorned to add some bling. Additional accessories, such as a beautiful mehendi design, Potli Bag and demure high heels all enhance the glam quotient. Leave your hair open only if you don't want to draw attention to your jewels. Pulling back your stresses up in a neat knot makes all Indian women, not only the bride, look very classy and chic.


    zari_worked_wedding_saree_35) Search Online

    Today it has become easy to buy wedding sarees online from Indian e-stores, sitting anywhere in the world. The convenience of online shopping, in addition to the time it saves, has made it popular for wedding shoppers too. If you buy a wedding saree online, most e-commerce bridal wear stores offer customized fitting and free alterations. Many bridal wear designers, such as Simaaya Fashions have launched their online ventures to allow access to their couture to global buyers. Instead of walking into each and every bridal boutique to check out the latest collection of India's leading fashion designers with just a few clicks.

  • Top Colours in 2016: Know What Colour Dress to Wear to Stand Out in Crowd?

    Colors can make or break any dress. Either it will add panache to the dress or make it fall flat. The hot and sizzling colors of 2016 are now out and here is a complete list of the colors to stock up on your wardrobe so as to be the style diva of 2016.

    The Spring Summer Colours

    The year starts with spring and summer and the predominant color will be Buttercup Yellow which signifies happiness and a sunnier disposition in the wearer.


    Next is the calming Rose Quartz which is gentle and persuasive and at the same time conveys composure and compassion. The color is like that of a budding flower and apt for the light summer months.

    Serenity Blue is the next big color of the season and comes as a breath of fresh air of stressed time. The bright blue is as beautiful as the open sky.

    Shades of aqua in the green family are unique and beautiful and the latest trend in 2016 is Limpet Shell. The color spells class and cleanliness. It is fresh while providing tranquility to the wearer.


    More Colour Trends Revealed…

    Peach Echo was and is going to be the top trend in 2016. The color is bright while at the same time suiting every cut and design to make it the universal color.

    As blue as the ocean water, Snorkel Blue is akin to energy. The color helps one escape while that the same time keeping them attached to the world around them.

    Iced Coffee is the dark and bold color of the season with neutral tones. The earthy color is evergreen and is a transitional color from 2015 to 2016.


    Lilac Gray is a variant of the classic gray shade and is another great shade in the neutral department.

    Fiesta is a mixture of red and yellow. The bright shade is in contrast to the calming colors and a deviation from the other calmer shades.

    If you are an explorer then Green Flash will suit you. It is radiant and is a representative of the nature’s beauty and negation of urban mentality.

    Now that you know all the colour trends check out the latest design nuances and opt for the perfect dress.

  • This Wedding Season, Let Everyone Say Wow!

    So there’s something unique about weddings. Ah! Indian weddings to be precise. Whether you are getting married or your friend or relative is, there is this entire gamut of beautiful chaos around you. So you may not (or may) enjoy the constant gossiping of aunties and oh so aunties about you being ‘next’ in that glorious mandap, but you definitely (and you must!) enjoy the most important part of this occasion; getting dressed!

    Being the epicentre of all discussions at the wedding and the heart of all attractions is what you have been craving for. After all, who doesn’t want to be showered with compliments and make everyone go J! To look your stunning best, yet not overdo it to look like the bride herself can be quite a challenge. You cannot choose between this dress and that dress, this earring and that necklace, and you are surrounded by hundred opinions to add to the confusion. Peace! We are here to help you out.

    designer sarees online, sarees online, wedding sarees online, wedding desinger sarees Wedding Wow Collection

    To transform your wedding woes into wedding wows! The easiest way to decode the Indian weddings is to see them as a mix of different functions. The occasion kicks off with haldi which is about colours and warmth. Mehendi is when heartily celebrate tradition in its beauty. The cocktail is where you dress to kill! Sangeet is when the occasion receives a high. You dance your heart out and sing aloud. You need to look in rhythm. Or, like rhythm! The wedding day is when it all concludes, so a grand magnificent look works best. Every occasion has a distinct mood, distinct flavour and hence demands a distinct fashion style. We ensure you look distinct with our occasion specific collection. Look wow! And leave everyone in awe of you.

    Check out exquisite sarees, lehengas and more at Simaaya Fashions

  • Winter Bride Dressing Lookbook

    In India, winter is the time to get married. While it is good to stay away from the dirt, sweat and grime which are accompaniments of a dreary and hectic wedding preparations and rituals, the steep fall in temperature means that some style tweaks are necessary to beat the chill while staying fashionable. Here are a few steps by which one can certainly stay warm and stylish.


    Cholis with Long Sleeves and Top Wear With High Neck

    The best way to keep the chill at bay is to wear a long sleeved choli so that the cold air spares your arms. Also ensure that the kurtis, blouses or cholis have high neck and collar so that you can stay covered up in the freezing cold.

    Bond with Heavy Fabrics

    Winter is the perfect time to experiment with velvet that is warm and chic at the same time. Not only does it gives a royal touch to your bridal trousseau, but is great in itself as a warm cloth. Popular styles are heavily embellished velvet blouses or kurti or lehenga paired with velvet jackets. Also popular are fabrics like silk and brocade.

    Embellished Shawls

    When you are wearing a lehenga, just ditch that conventional dupatta and replace it with an embellished shawl. Arrange it in the dupatta style over your shoulders and arm and you will be a fashionistas and comfortable at the same time.

    Do Away With Cholis

    Cholis are not as indispensable as they earlier were. Rather, this winter team the beautiful lehenga with an equally stunning short kurti styled like a jacket. It looks amazing and is very utilitarian for the winter dreading bride.

    Stunning Lehenga Sarees

    In case you are too partial towards sarees and want to wear it on your big day, then go for a heavily embellished lehenga saree. The look is core feminine and complements any color and embellishments. Keep the pallu pleated and then keep the edge pinned to your shoulders so as to show off the pallu design.


    Dressing up magnificently is absolutely necessary for any woman on an important day. In winter the options dwindle because of the cold. However, try these smart ideas so that you can dress like a million bucks and stay cozy and warm as well

  • Dressing Guide For This New Year Eve

    The New Year has started with a bang and the parting hasn’t stopped yet. In fact January is the month to party and dress up.  This year stun everyone with a new desi avatar flaunting exclusive Indian ethnic wear at parties.  The best evergreen fashion has always celebrated the concept of ‘Naari in a saree”. In fact the choice to go ethnic is a super cool idea which can in obvious ways stand you out amidst a crowd flaunting modern winter apparels. If saree creates a little concern shift your choice to beautiful regal kurtis, anarkalis or tunics.


    The vintage look is back with a bang and New Year is the right time to explore from the many gorgeous options. Simayaa, Kolkata’s biggest designer boutique of ethnic apparels women brings a fabulous line of shimmer wears, perfect for New Year parties. Explore a diverse range of colours, exotic embroidery, different materials as velvet, net and muslin and select your favourite style.

    Three Simple Rules for Dressing Well

    It is really simple to add that special touch when dressing well – here are three simple tips.

    • Wear intricate jewelry, ones that are dainty and that adds to the delicacy of the look,
    • Wear light make up and keep the focus either on the eye or the lips,
    • Wear your hair properly in a way that compliments your garment, get a nice shoe, any kind of heels preferably and wear a beautiful perfume.


    Here are some more tips…

    Pick up the Right Dress

    In case you are wearing a saree, go for full sleeve or shirt cut blouse. High necks and ruffles are a good option these days as they change the perspective or the cliché in which a saree can be worn. If you are wearing a shirt type blouse try out an ethnic belt across the waist. Balance the look, either you keep the saree in focus or your makeup and accessories. Choose wisely


    Fusion Wear – Amalgamate in Your Look

    If you have decided to wear a tunic or kurti you have the choice to create a distinctive look by either focusing on the ethnic or rendering a modern twist to the look. To create the indian impact choose leggings over jeans or jeggings and wear heavy ornaments. If you want to stick to the modern then select a matching scarf and calf high boots. Pair the kurti with jeans and you are good to rock the diva look.

    To preview other party wear options you can also log into to our Facebook account.



  • Brides 2016 - What to Wear This Wedding Season?


    Being a fashion radical in India is an interesting scope of discovering new elements and style. Especially if you are a believer of boho life, then there is nothing anyone would say or mind or comment on your bizarre ensembles – bizarre is the style for you as long as you are comfortable in your skin. However for those getting married and in Indian style fashion does not permit unending liberty – does it? Well we have three scores discussed here that can make a little difference in how you look at Bridal Fashion 2016


    Benarasi Silk – the ever old traditional concept of benarasi saree remains hot favourite with brides across India, believe it or not. Brides across different community and caste choose Benarasi silk for it’s exquisite bridal element that can make anyone look perfectly divine. Benarasi Infact is gaining so much popularity that even Bollywood stars and actress a league of them has have donned this beautiful silk attire in their wedding – Aishwariya Rai for example. So the first choice in Bridal fashion is to look for an immaculate design in benarasi and pairing it up with a fusion blouse. Actually if you want a distinctive look, experiment with the cut and design of the choli.


    Kanjeevaram – this is another favourite option as bridal wear in India. Originating from the south, Kanjeevaram silk is a very light material which comes in a variety of brilliant shades and colours and mixes. The best thing about investing in a Kanjeevaram is that unlike a benarasi this can be worn at different occasions, casual and elaborate, in different styles and quirky ways.


    Lehenga Choli – The Idea of lehenga Choli also makes for a nice bridal outfit. Given the designers interest in creating different styles and makes the leghenga choki is one ensemble where you can actually get to experiment with styles. If you are a designer wear inclined person, make appointment with an expert and sit down to design your own wedding trousseau. A unique concept, today modern brides are interested to look for something very unique and individualistic, not to mention inimitable. Brides want something that can exclusively remain a limited edition and why not wedding ofcourse is a lifetime affair so as well make it exceptional even in terms of fashion.

  • Make Up Trends This Autumn Wedding

    #LoveSimaaya Wedding in the autumn season can be a great idea, as it’s the season of harvest and prosperity and a time for joy and reunion. Before setting a date for an autumn wedding, you must know in advance about the latest make up trends this season in order to look stunning on the D day. To start with, you can mix n match the classic wedding make up with the hues of this temperate season.

    Your eyes speak best of your emotions and moods and happen to be the most beautiful assets of a woman. Make up your eyes to make it look all the more prominent and nice. In your autumn wedding, you can strike the 1950’s style by using classic liquid eyeliner of black color or adore the eyes with the season’s dark khaki hue.


    Best In Bridal Fashion

    Use a tweezer to shape the hairs beneath your eye brows to all the more beautify your eyes. On the wedding day, use natural soft false eyelashes to enhance the eyes. When going for an eye make up, try to apply a smudge-proof eye make up and use a waterproof mascara to keep the eye make up intact even after long hours of exposure to lights. To give a dramatic look to your eyes, use fishtail flicks, raising the two ends of the eyebrows.

    Another make up trend that you can opt for this autumn wedding is the ‘glossy brown smoky eyes look’ that will definitely offer you a different look, moving out from the traditional black eye make up. To match with the eye color, go for lip colors such as russets, scarlet and wines.

    If you have ordered for yourself an elegant, exclusive costume for the wedding, try to give yourself an ice queen look to become all the more stylish and beautiful. Use very pale shades of pink, blue or silver, mixed well to offer a dewy look. This type of eye make up goes best with cream eye shadows instead of powder. You are bound to look chillingly beautiful in this type of make up.

    Coming to lips, you can adorn your lips with a gothic make up. According to beauty experts, this season will bring back lip colors which are dark, loud and gothic in look such as deep scarlet red, deep purple berry and lipstick of different black shades. As a bride this fall, you can even try out various matte colors like the classic matte red and lip glosses, depending on your wedding dress and hairstyle. Gothic lip look can be achieved by blending a black lipstick with a deep red one.

    To bring back an extra glow on your cheeks, apply red or pink berry tones on them. Don’t overdo your make up and try to be as natural as possible. If you love luxuriant autumn earthy tones, pick up the brown color. To look interesting, choose a fall-special gold, instead of a trendy metallic color.













  • One Step-by-Action Tips for Make Your Article author Site

    One Step-by-Action Tips for Make Your Article author Site

    As you produce an educational essay, you are making an argument: you propose a thesis and present some thinking, applying research, that recommends why the thesis applies. While you resist-dispute, you think of a potential debate to protect against your thesis or some part of your reasoning. This is an excellent technique to test out your options when drafting, when you still have the time to change them. Continue reading

  • Hire The Best Bridal Designer To Plan Your Honeymoon Trousseau

    #LoveSimaaya Trousseau is a special word. The idea of honeymoon trousseau might have undergone a lot of metamorphosis, but still, in a broader sense, it refers to the clothes and other possessions that a bride takes along with her for her honeymoon. The ideal honeymoon trousseau should consist of sexy as well as practical clothes.

    In good old days, moms and grand moms would pack the honeymoon trousseau for the bride with lots of care, so that not only she can thrill her husband but also impress him and be comfortable herself. But times have changed. Now, not only that moms and grand moms do not have so much time or energy, but modern brides have a different set of choices and dreams about their honeymoons and most of the time prefer to hire a good bridal designer to palm their honeymoon trousseau.


    But whether you design and plan your trousseau yourself or you hire some designer to do it, there are certain things you yourself need to decide and plan  and let your designer know about it. No matter how best your bridal designer might be, he/she needs to know you, your choice, and your husband's choice to plan the best honeymoon trousseau. They are:

    1) Let your designer know your honeymoon destination and how many days you are planning to stay there. Also do not forget to have a check on what the weather would be there.

    2) Make an estimation of how much money you want to spend for the trousseau and let he know.


    3) It is always best a basic idea about the plans, because honeymoon is not only for the obvious intimacy between the newly married couple, but it also includes sightseeing and eating outs. So along with sexy lingerie and tantalizing sating cover-ups, any good designer will include casual and semi formal dresses also.

    4) A good bridal designer would surely replace standard lingerie with sexy attractive ones. Be clear about how comfortable you will be wearing those. Additionally, a sensible designer would pack in several pairs of undergarments for you; don't oppose. The last thing you would feel like doing on your honeymoon is laundry.


    5) Lat but not the least, the luggage factor should be kept in mind while packing a honeymoon trousseau.

    Best of luck and have an exotic designer honeymoon all the way!

  • Beauty Plan For The Radiant Bride

    #LoveSimaaya “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” This is the famous opening line of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice which has helped to define the concept if marriage for quite a few decades. But the concept of marriage has changed with time and for us, it is a companionship of two like minded souls.

    Some Thoughts on Marriage

    Getting married is perhaps one of the greatest moments in a woman’s life. Everyone in the family is busy planning the tiniest details of your wedding arrangements. In the mean while, what do you plan to do? Mind you, if you do not plan your beauty regime at least fifteen days before your wedding, you are going to be in big trouble. You will not only be jittery about the ceremony and the wedding itself, but also for your lack luster looks which might add to your wedding day blues.


    The bride to be is the main attraction of a wedding and all of us women have always fantasized about the D day when we would look our best and people cannot even take their eyes off us. To make that dream come true, you must get down to some serious looking after yourself. It is totally your wish as to whether you want to go for professional beauty treatments or would be happy with grandma’s home- made remedies.

    List to Do For Would Be Brides

    Apart from these you also need to follow a list of dos and don’ts which will bring that all important glow on your face.

    • Pay a lot of attention to your diet. Fruit juices should accompany your well balanced meals. Juices are good for the skin and so is tomato juice. Include salads in your diet so that it keeps your bowel movements in order so that pimples don’t crop up on your face.


    • Drink lots of water to flush out the toxins from your body. Plain water could bring health and shine to your skin within just a few days.
    • Make sure you are using a good scrub three days a week. Exfoliation is important to remove the layer of dry and dead skin, leaving you feeling fresh and clean. Scrubbing the dry regions like the elbows and the heels are necessary and application of petroleum jelly on them after the process is mandatory.
    • Oiling the hair on your head every other day is very essential. Dry and fuzzy hair is difficult to manage and is also very unpleasant to the eyes. Shampooing should be followed by conditioning to trap the adequate moisture required to give you soft and silky hair.

    Some More Skin Care Tips

    • Regular pedicures are a wise step to take. Clean feet are a hygienic habit to maintain and I would suggest that you keep it as long as you can.
    • Use a light moisturizer immediately after you have taken a bath to keep the skin soft. Pay special attention to your hands. Avoid applying lotions in between your fingers. Well filed, clean nails are always a delight to look at; do I need to say anything more?


    • Most of us have really sensitive facial skin. For such people, home- made facial packs are the best. There are different packs for different kinds of skin type. For the oily skin, a mixture of turmeric, chick pea flour and lemon could work wonders, whereas oatmeal and honey are good if you have extremely dry skin.
    • Just in case your face looks scarred due to the acne, try red sandalwood paste and turmeric.
    • Finally if you want to go for a waxing session, make sure you get it done about 6 days prior to the D day.

    Try it, I promise; he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you.



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