Flaunt Your Magical Appeal This Festive Season By Decking Up Our Incredible Ethnic Assortment Exclusively, Collected For You.

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  • Be The Queen Of Festivity With Regular Beauty Regimen

    Festivals are the perfect time to go on a regular beauty regimen and put that glow and beauty back on your face again. During festivals, there is increased application of make up on your face and these result in boils and eruptions later or worse during the big days. However, with the festivals some months away, go on regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine to achieve that envious glow which will complement the attire from the best best saree store Kolkata has.


    Fall Back On The Home Kitchen

    To care for your skin, you can go for yoghurt, papaya, orange peel powder, milk, honey and more or less anything. Just raid your skin and you will be faced with a treasure trove of beauty products that are inexpensive and equally effective.

    Caring For The Mane

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    Hair is another important and essential thing to care for when the desire is to look beautiful during festivals. If you are bored with black hair, then chuck the hair color and if henna is too cumbersome then  take a few sprigs of rosemary and boil it with 2 cups of water and black tea. Mix it with shampoo and use it to get that pretty brown tinge. For frizz free shiny hair, boil two lemons with water and spray this on the hair.

    Easy On The Eyes

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    When you have a three day (and night) occasion in a row, it will tell on the eyes. For this, massage the eye area with grated cucumber and then place a freezed chamomile tea bag on it. You can also splash your eyes with cold water mixed with rose water and honey.

    Healthy Lifestyle

    Lastly, a healthy lifestyle is very important for good glowing skin. Eat healthy that includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Drinks lots of eater and take 7-8 hours of sleep. You must also cut down on the urge to eat oily and fatty food and fizzy dinks are akin to poison to the skin.

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    Beauty is really skin deep and while you can go for skin treatments, healthy eating and caring for it is of utmost necessity.

  • Festive Dressing Tips

    Dressing Tips for festivals
    The festive season arrives with lots of partying and unhealthy binging. But all these things cannot snatch you away from the madness of festivity; here come tips to flaunt the prima donna hidden in you even after attending as many parties as you want.

    Dress Elegantly
    Always opt for the colors that do not make you look dull. If you are in for ethnic look, you can go to the best salwar store Kolkata such as Simaaya Fashions and umpteen options will come up but do not attempt something very drastic.
    Nothing speaks volume like a good pair of jeans so do a research on good quality denim that ensures a custom fit. Talking about colors, nothing hammers the old navy blue so you can pick it up even closing your eyes.

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    A right pair of shoes can do wonders as they are the perfect confidence boosters. Do not forget to try on a few before you make sure which one to pick.
    Right accessories are always there to make the right statement. Buy some fashion accessories that will complement your dress as well as work wonders with plenty other things you have in your closet.

    Beautiful Skin
    All the costly dresses and accessories will go in vain if your skin loses its natural brightness. Hectic days at work, partying for late and unhealthy savoring left their marks on skin so take extra time to remove make-up and clean your skin thoroughly. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to clean all the toxins out of your system.
    A healthy diet consisting fresh fruits, green vegetables and lentils can provide you with a great body. As most fruits and vegetables have antioxidants, they help to rejuvenate your skin as well as detoxify your body turning it into a fresh and dazzling one.

    Beauty Gets Attention, Personality Gets Heart
    At the end of the day make a statement with your style and with your smile; wearing them both you can leave a long lasting impression on the onlookers. Be bold, slap on some attitude to make others speechless. So what exactly does it take to stand you apart in a crowd like a diva? It is your dynamic personality.

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  • Dress Ethnic This Puja: Tips for the Festive Season

    If you have a feeling that this is a time to go for western attires, then you are surely having a misconception. So, before picking up a casual crop top think again. Slip into graceful and extremely comfortable ethnic wears that are made of natural fabrics. Not to forget, wedding season has started once again.

    Designer lehengas in kolkata, Best saree store Kolkata, Best Saree shop Kolkata

    Go Bold With Blouses

    So, even if you are not the bride, you will certainly have invitations lined up this season. It’s time to look bold by donning some stylish blouses designed by a special designer store like Simaaya. Go for some smart spaghetti straps, backless or halter necked blouses. Boat neck is also very much in this season. Pair it with a exquisite chiffon or net sari and you will look like a diva in the wedding party for sure.

    Best Salwar store Kolkata, Best Salwar shop Kolkata, Best Lehenga store Kolkata


    Image source from Google

    Look Fab In A Sari

    Silk saris like Benarasi or a Kanjivaram can never go out of fashion. Wear a rust orange colored or a teal blue kanjivaram or a dark moss green, fushia pink Benarasi with intricate golden zari work. Most designs like intertwining floral, jhallara are Mughal inspired. Be rest assured to stand out in crowd. Simaaya, the best designer store in Kolkata, uses the finest quality silk in making each sari.

    Best Lehenga shop Kolkata, Designer sarees in kolkata, Designer lehengas in kolkata

    Alluring Lehengas

    Silk, satin and georgette can be combined in different forms to prepare a perfect wedding dress. You might wear a stylish lehenga if you do not wish to drape a sari. Go for the ones that show off your figure well. Dark shades like royal blue, aquamarine and different hues of yellow will look great. Put some bright accents on your outfit.

    Best saree store Kolkata, Best Saree shop Kolkata, Best Salwar store Kolkata

    Look Cute In Ethnic Skirt

    Geometrical and floral patterns reign this season. Go for a skirt that suits your figure perfectly. If you are planning for a party, tulip skirts will be perfect.

    Best Salwar shop Kolkata, Best Lehenga store Kolkata, Best Lehenga shop Kolkata


    Image source from Google

    Pair your skirt with a loose fitted tank top or something with flares. But it is advisable to avoid skimpy outfits. If your skirt is in muted shade, opt for a vibrant top or vice versa. A cropped blouse looks great with a high waisted choli or even a smart jacket. You will look absolutely classy in it.

    Time for Indo-Western Dresses

    If you are going for a casual party, flaunt your figure in a beautiful asymmetrical dress in navy blue. To create a more feminine look, you can opt for a maroon pleated dress in pure georgette. You are in for experimentation? Put up an eye catchy look by wearing a graceful Pure Georgette red and black jumpsuit in floral design.

     Designer sarees in kolkata, Designer lehengas in kolkata, Best saree store Kolkata

    This is a time to create a good balance of both ethnic as well as western dress. So, dress well, go ethnic. Don’t try to impress, just be the best unlike the rest.”

  • Weave A Story With A Saree This Durga Puja

    "Saree" personifies womanhood and sensuality. Believed to have been born out of the creative imaginations of a weaver who dreamt of a woman. The length of her long and beautiful hair, the colours of her moods and the tenderness of her feminine touch. The weaver wove  his creative vision for many yards, which is now popularly known as the "saree". Besides being an important festival, Durga Puja is also one of the biggest fashion parade of the year. Wearing new clothes is an important part of Durga Puja. Durgotshav is celebrated  5 days in a year,Shashti,Saptami,Ashtami,Navami and Dashami. These 5 days are celebrated with much grandeaur and happiness. Apart from the rituals, Durga Puja is also that time of the year when women of all ages wear sarees of vibrant colours,different styles and fabrics. Here's a guide that will help you choose Puja Sarees for the different days and the various ceremonies related to Durga Puja.

    1) Taant


    Popularly known as "Bengal Cotton",Taant sarees are woven exquisitely with fine quality cotton. The light weight of the saree makes it extremely comfort providing.Taant sarees are extremely economical and are manufactured across West Bengal.Available in vibrant colour combinations like golden,yellow,black and silver colour combination, red and white colour combinations,You can drape a Taant Saree on a Shashti night. Flaunt an aristocratic Bong look in a Taant saree while pandal hopping.

    2) Kanjeevaram


    Woven by weavers of Kanjipuram,it is named  after the village. Crafted with rich quality silk, the quality of the silk is extremely thick. The Kanjeevaram Saree is available in a variety of colours like red,golden,black,green,yellow, fuchsia pink, peacock blue. This South Indian saree is heavily embellished with zari work. Showcase elegance and grace by wearing a gorgeous Kanjeevaram saree on the Ashtami night .You can team up golden jewellery and a red bindi with your kanjivaram saree for a traditional Bengali look.

    3) Designer Sarees


    Modern women like being unique and hence designer sarees are a good option for them. An amalgamation of traditional and modern style, Navaratri Special designer sarees are available in a plethora of fabrics and colours. You can match a stylish brocade blouse with your designer saree. Complete your eccentric Navami night look by wearing lovely bangles and stylish danglers with your saree. Smoky eyes and matte lipstick will add more charm to your look.

    4) Handloom Sarees


    Handloom sarees are manufactured in India and Bangladesh. Handloom Sarees are richly crafted with Cotton,Tussar Silk,Cotton Silk,Jute,Ghicha. They are very much in fashion these days because of its soberly glamorous touch and there are certain major saree brands who sell beautiful handloom sarees. You can team up a Kalamkari Blouse and junk jewellery for a classy and stylish look. The light weight and soft fabric  makes you feel at ease while pandal hopping in the hot and humid weather of Kolkata. Flaunt your  charismatic personality as you drape a handloom saree while outing with friends on a Saptami night.

    5) Printed Sarees


    A huge Durga Puja Collection of printed sarees are found online. Printed sarees are the most common sarees worn by Indian women. A blend of traditional and modern prints, these sarees are a style statement for many Indian women. The printed sarees symbolizes grace and simplicity. Look opulent in block printed,kalamkari printed, digital or floral printed sarees at parties, gatherings or community lunches during Durga Puja. The make should be very subtle. You can put some gloss and highlight your eyes with kohl to give yourself a modern Bong look.

    6) Georgette


    These light weight and comfort providing sarees are the best option if you have to go to office on Durga Puja. Georgette sarees are available in bright colours and unique designs. You can team up your saree with a matching or contrasting blouse. You can wear jhumkas or danglers with your saree for a complete ethnic look. Flaunt your charismatic personality by wearing a classy georgette saree on Dashami evening.

    Nowadays shopping online is much easier and convenient than conventional shopping. There are a  huge number of budget friendly online sites that provides you with a lot of options to choose from. Start your Durga Puja shopping by visiting  Simaaya Fashions Online  and  pick from a wide and versatile range of sarees.

  • Spring Time Tips To Stay Glowing And Fresh

    With spring time back in its full glory, it is the time to get into a strict regimen so that you can stay glowing all through the day. Be it clothes from the best saree shop Kolkata has, cleansing or make up, everything has to be light and breezy so that you can struggle through the whole day. Here we bring you 3 tips to make springs easier.


    Concentrate On Clothes

    Spring time clothes should meet three criterias – one, it should be of natural fabric, two, they must be fresh and clean and third, they should be brightly coloured with happy prints so that the springy feeling is always with you. Spring is in fact the time for colours like yellow, lime green, orange and any other pastel colour. On the print front, any quirky or happy print is okay and the all time favourite print is of course the floral prints. Cotton is the best fabric of the season and the best salwar store Kolkata has will recommend you to wear kurtis and women’s suits that are skin friendly and airy.


    Keep A Squeaky Clean Face

    During spring time, it is essential that you keep your face and body clean and free from dirt, grime, sweat and germs. Hygiene is of paramount importance.Bathe twice and use a good face wash for our face.  In case you have an oily skin, splash your face with water at intervals and carry wet wipes. Most importantly, use a sunscreen because the biggest damage to the skin is done by the merciless sun. Exfoliation is equally important because dead skin cells are the bane of skin in spring.

    Make Up And Hair In Spring

    Spring makes your hair go limp and dry or extremely oily. The only way to combat this is by shampooing your hair. Keeping your hair open can be a bit distressing in the heat, so you can tie it up stylishly into a pony or even a bun that goes well with Indian and western outfits.

    Spring demands light clothes and that is what we have recommended here. However, that does not mean that you cannot wear the designer sarees in Kolkata stores and rock spring. Just pay attention to the blouse and accessorize and you can surely beat spring in style.




  • Dress up With A Heady Mix Of Accessorize

    Accessorizes have always been hailed as a thing that takes even an ordinary dress to the realm of extraordinary and helps you to stand out in a crowd of many people. When you visit the best saree shop Kolkata can offer you, there is a thought at the back of your mind as how to accessorize the designer wear you just brought. Fret no more and go through this easy guide listing the 5 must have items.

    Feminity Of A Hand Chain Or Haathphul

    Be it festivals or even day to day wear, the hand chain or haathphul as known in India has taken both east and west by storm. Any metal and any designs go well with it to give a complete and elegant look to you. You can also opt for a elaborate design for special occasions or a minimalist one for party wear.


    google image

    Statement Necklace For Your Neck

    A statement necklace is the best thing to wear with a saree. Well why only saree…, rather when you visit the best salwar shop Kolkata can spoil you with; buy a design where you can flaunt that single jewellery which will be the talking point of the evening.



    Simaaya website


    Arm Cuff For A Stylish Touch

    An arm cuff looks extremely attractive with a sleeveless blouse and a georgette saree. They may be small and dainty ones or large chunky pieces that will stand out among the other accessorizes you may like to flaunt.

    google image


    The Head Piece You Like To Flaunt        

    When you feel like sporting that extremely seductive messy hair look, then top the whole thing with a head piece. A head gear can be flirty and feminine, elegant and exotic, or plain and pretty. Whichever one you may choose, it is imperative that you keep in mind the attire and choose a dress accordingly and with care.

    google image


    Two Finger Rings For You

    Two finger rings are quite the rage right now and while they are not practical for everyday office wear, you can surely wear them at the best party in town. The good thing is that your visit to the best lehenga shop Kolkata has will not be futile because these rings can be worn with an ethnic wear as well.

    http://www.simaayafashions.in/jewellery/finger-rings.html                                                      Simaaya website


    While clothes are of great importance while wanting to look good, of equal importance are the accessorize that can definitely add some extra panache to those clothes.

  • Fascinating Gifts For Sisters This Raksha Bandhan From Simaaya

    rakhi-blogThe secular festival of Raksha Bandhan, is celebrated in many parts of the country with much fun and sincerity. In this pious occasion, the sisters tie Rakhi(thread of love) on their brothers' wrists and offer prayers for their long and happy life. In return, the brothers give gifts and take vows to protect their sisters from all odds. Thus in short, it is the festival to honour the unconditional love and respect between siblings. Having its origin about  6000 years back during the period of Indus Valley Civilization, this sacred festival is very much in practice even today.

    The best gifts for sisters


    Now, the main point of concern among the brothers is deciding the best gift for their sisters. With simaaya there to help ,you should not worry at all. If your sister is young, choose from the variety of indowestern dresses and tunics to make your sister overwhelmed.


    Fashionable and trendy dresses are a sure shot way to make every girl happy, therefore take a plunge into our stupendous collection of kurtis, tunics and tops to gift your sister on this special day. The attires come in variety of colours  ranging from sober  to neon shades to suit likes and preferences of all. If your sister is the bold one and loves to experiment with styles, you can consider gifting her a balloon jumpsuit from our collection and make her feel on the top of the world.


    But what if your sister is a lady? If your sister is a matured lady, gift her one of the exclusive traditional sarees from Simaaya's choicest collection of banarasis and kanjeevarams. These sarees are a woman's timeless possessions and mostly passed to the next generation as a symbol of heritage and class. The exquisite work of zari over rich silk make these sarees royally glamorous. Sarees irrespective of class and age have always pampered the fashion senses of  women. So gifting a saree would be ideally the best option to show your love for your sister.


    Since we try to cater to different choices, we also have a huge variety of sarees crafted to suit the mood of the fashionista women wanting to follow the trend. For them, a printed or a fancy saree would do the wonder. Fashioned from rich quality georgette and chiffon and mingled with quirky geometric and floral prints, these are the perfect option for the contemporary women.

    As the sacred festival of rakhsha bandhan is around the corner, keep your gifts ready by starting to look for it right now. Simaaya online store makes it all the more easy for the working brothers by giving them the opportunity to shop even from office. Grab the chance  to shop the best quality product at the most reasonable rate and mesmerize your sister in one go!

  • Say It With Bling: Know The Accessories Trend This Season

    A woman not only loves clothing but is absolutely obsessed with finding the right accessories to don up a perfect look. Check out the accessories that are raging the fashion trend.

    Cocktail Ring

    These rings are not just eye-catchy but demand a confident personality to carry that bold look. Intricate patterns are very much in fashion these days. Spring is the season when the nature is at its full bloom and so keeping in sync designers are using floral patterns in jewellery designing especially in the cocktail rings.


    Statement Earrings

    Get ready to flaunt a statement earring. Sporting bright hues, these ear candies are generally of the shoulder length. If you are wearing one such earring, do not concentrate on other accessories. This season go for a leaf shaped or floral earrings comes in different shades, and for those who loves to go ethnic, choose a pair of chandbalis. Long earrings with different geometrical shaped detailing are in fashion, along with ear cuffs.

    Best Salwar store Kolkata, Best Salwar shop Kolkata

    Source From Google

    Buckle Neckpieces

    Long chains, buckles are the neckpieces that are trending high this season. Linked chains in silver and rose gold shade creates a cool post-modern apocalyptic mood.

    Best Lehenga store Kolkata, Best Lehenga shop Kolkata

    Source From Google

    Charming Chokers

    Belt like chokers with buckles, floral patterns or the bejeweled ones are the must have accessories this season. Metallic chokers with stones are still in trend.

    Designer sarees in kolkata, Designer lehengas in kolkata

    Source From Google

    Tribal jewellery

    The excellent artistry of African craftsmanship and the rustic touch has been bought to fore in multilayered tube beaded pieces in attractive colors to be worn either on the neck, arm or on the body in the guise of belt.

    Best saree store Kolkata, Best Saree shop Kolkata

    Source From Google

    Alluring Tiaras

    Tiaras have received a comeback these days. Embellished with stones or having a simple metallic finish, this is brings compliments for sure.

    Best Salwar store Kolkata, Best Salwar shop Kolkata

    Source From Google

    Multiple Cuff Bracelets

    To talk about 2016 jewelry trend what scores high is wearing together a lot of plastic or metal cuff bracelets on the wrist and that too in vibrant colors. Silver bracelets can be worn on both wrists.

    Best Lehenga store Kolkata, Best Lehenga shop Kolkata

    Source From Google

    Vibrant Colored Bags

     Bright flashy colors have found a niche in this season’s accessories trend. Slouchy bags in shades like lemon yellow, fluorescent green, fuchsia pink and tangerine are the shades of the season. If planning to go out for a party, take an embellished potli.

    Designer sarees in kolkata, Designer lehengas in kolkata

    Source From Google

    All Set for Belts

    Belts are completely in fashion not just in styling pants and skirts but also dresses, shirts and blouses which comes in different designs.

    Best saree store Kolkata, Best Saree shop Kolkata

    Source From Google

    Cut Out Loafer

     Go for the ones that have a contrast piping as it looks extremely attractive. Use a good nail polish and perfect the look.

    Best Salwar store Kolkata, Best Salwar shop Kolkata

    Source From Google

    Look stylish and glamorous with these fashion tips.

  • Dresses in Vogue This Season

    Summer seems to have long gone but the heat and humidity still persists. This is not the time to be ruffled but a time to slip in those lovely floral outfits and look cool as well as poised. A time when nature is at its full bloom, it’s time to embrace the ruffles and flares. A chique, cute yet colorful dress will be apt to prefect your fashion for the season.

    Best Salwar store Kolkata, Best Salwar shop Kolkata

    Source form Google

    Opt for a Cute Dress

    Whatever the occasion be, nothing can be better than a cute dress with bright colored floral prints. Citrus prints are very much in fashion. Although they taste sour but they look extremely refreshing. A smart abstract patterned dress or patch works from Simaaya will make you look like a fashionista indeed. Saying this, checks too rule this season.


    A shibori maxi dress or a big flaring dress will be perfect to keep you cool throughout the day. If, you are looking for a perfect office wear, wear well fitted cotton or a denim dress, a short skirt and top in pastel shades.

    Go for Off-shoulder/ Asymmetrical Dresses

    If you are looking for a perfect evening wear or planning what to wear for a beach party, then shop a stylish off-shoulder dress or gown with long flares and uneven cuts. This will make you look graceful and elegant. White or pink will never go out of fashion. But you can also choose tangerine or deep purple. It will be the best to stay away from solids, instead go for a tweed dress in vibrant shades.


    Look Bold and Beautiful

    If you are ready to look bold and beautiful, then choose an alluring dress in white, peach or any pastel shades. Go for a subtle print, smart length and a sexy slit at the side that bares a hint of thigh. A crop top or even a bikini top is perfect to make you look fabulous.

    Best saree store Kolkata, Best Saree shop Kolkata

    Source from Google

    Shades to Buy

    Strawberry ice to pink orchid, pistachio to turquoise is the hottest colors that are trending this season.


    Just a little tip, before bringing this writing to a close, keep your shoes flat and opt for sandals or even flip flops. Put up a minimal makeup. To know more about makeup tips, look into this link. Plan strategically, what to shop and from where to shop. Although it might seem difficult to put up a look in the sultry weather, these dresses will make you look like a diva for sure.

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" I Have Recently Purchased A Red Colour Saree From Simaaya,It Is Unique And Stylish.The Rich Resham And Zari Work On The Saree Is Splendid.After My Friends Saw The Saree They Were Totally In Love With It And Even They Are Planning To Visit The Simaaya Stor "

Unmesha Kar

" At first the site is told by my daughter and i was first SKEPTIC to order an online saree but then after reading testimonials on your site,my daughter finally convinced me to go for online saree shopping and i have to say that MY FIRST PURCHASE ON SIMAAYA "


" I am a regular customer at Simaaya Fashions and I feel have the best designer wear sarees online. Recently I have bought a pink chiffon half and half saree from the online store. The material and the design was extremely good. "

Asha Bharech

" Green is my favourite colour and I bought a pale green faux Georgette sari from Simaaya for this Bengali New Year. Wherever I went, the sari was the talk of the town. "


" I have bought a beautiful lehenga in wine shade for my friend's wedding. The golden zari work makes it look simply fabulous. Extremely happy with the quality of the material. "


" I love green colour and bought a pale green one from Simaaya. It is made of faux Georgette and has beautiful floral print on it. I had bought it for the Bengali New Year and it was the talk of the town! "

Sonia Das




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