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  • Why To Opt For Designer Clothes? Best Kolkata Fashion Designers Shares Notes!

    There is a well known saying – “Clothes maketh a man”. In fact wherever you go, whatever you do, you are always adjudged by what you are wearing. A lot can be said and determined by just looking at the clothes you are wearing and your style sense. Whether you are modern in your thoughts or conventional, whether you are an outgoing person or an introvert, and also the amount of time and effort you put in to doing anything, can all be made out by just looking at your clothing.

    Take for example; you are going for an interview for a job in a reputed concern. If you are not dressed properly in front of the interviewers, then they draw an impression of you not taking things seriously, because most of them have a thinking that, if you do not take the least amount of effort to pull out the right shirt and tie for the occasion, how will you be able to tackle more important and significant things in the office.14

    Most of the people are of the impression that designer clothes and accessories are only meant for the models in the fashion industry. This is exactly where they go wrong. Fashion is term which has different meanings for everyone. For some, it maybe clothes they feel comfortable in, for others it maybe the latest trend in the market, for others still it may be sticking to one particular style that goes best with their image. Thus, while designing clothes, a fashion designer has to take care of every such possibility that the buyer can search for in a set of clothing, be it the comfort, style, trend or color. And the designer who does it best, is usually the popular one in the fashion industry.


    Designer clothes need not always be flashy or revealing, as usually tagged by most people. Designer clothes are just better tailored and designed so as to fit you better and make you look good in. The simplest of clothes that you wear can also be found in the designer clothes category, and you will notice the difference the moment you try them out.


    Designer clothes can also be chosen from to stand out in crowd. It is usually seen that when you are in an environment where you are strictly in a dress code, you realize that even your costliest apparel looks very ordinary in the crowd. The possibility to wear something different in terms of looks, style and fashion can only be had if you choose from designer wear.


    The fashion designers spend a lot of time researching the latest trends in the global market, along with sufficient focus on the comfort of the wear and the season they are to be designed for. Thus, they make some excellent pieces of fashionable and comfortable clothes that you would not find in normally tailored or market stitched clothes. It is therefore advised that whatever be the occasion you are choosing to buy clothes for, always stick to designer clothes to get greater value for money.

  • Tips On Choosing The Right Accessories: Select The Right Bangles With Your Dress

    Indian style of dressing has been admired by people all across the globe. The effort and sense of styling that goes into making the Indian attire is commendable and so are the accessories that accentuate these outfits.


    These accessories not only look beautiful but add to the persona of the wearer making the person look outstanding. The bangles are one such accessory which is worn by the women. It’s usually made of metals like gold, silver, and platinum but at times they are also made of other materials like glass, plastics, and woods amongst others.


    Wearing bangles made of precious metals is an expensive affair and often this is not safe too. Most women prefer wearing either metal or glass bangles or permutation of both. Low-priced bangles made from plastic are gradually substituting those made by glass, but the glass variants are still preferred at customary occasions. The bangles goes well with most of the Indian attires like saree and salwar suits, however with more and more women opting for western wear, colourful bangles made from fiber are a rage. Suited for all ages and dresses, bangles add that feminine appeal. Kadas as a single ornament can add elegance to an otherwise uninteresting attire.


    Remember like everything in dressing up even selecting the right accessory is a matter of introspection. Bangles might be a popular accessory but it is not an easy task to select the right bangle. So what goes with your dress needs to be ascertained first before you select the right bangle. For instance if you are going for a formal interview and want to wear something in your hand a single bangle is a good choice. If otherwise it is a date with your loved one you can opt for a bohemian chic look and in this case a number of colorful bangles is the best choice. Color of bangles is yet another important consideration – select a color that accentuates the color of your dress.

    Finally remember choosing the right bangle can contribute a lot toward making you look like a diva and so ignore it at your own risk!!

  • A Quick Wardrobe Check: Don’t Miss Out On The Essentials

    Fitted Lingerie: Know your size and wear the right lingerie. Indian women concentrate more on wearing the right apparels and accessories than wearing the right inners.

    1A white linen shirt (casual fit): white can never go wrong whether a rainy day or a hot summer midday. Wear it to office or to a get-together rest assured that you will look great.

    A well fitted jeans: though off the casual hook, a jeans is a life saver. Team it up with western tops or ethnic kurtis jeans blends well with all kinds of fashionable look.

    A designer party wear: It can be the LBD or the LWD or exotic gowns or any other types of Indian ethnic wear, whatever that gives you the luxe feel and makes you a standout!


    A good leather bag: if you are a kind of person who likes to carry her world with her then definitely get yourself a good leather bag, the slouchy ones, extra roomy, with extra zips and pockets.

    A comfortable pair of loafers: loafers are great comfy shoes to wear on a daily basis, can be worn even to informal parties. And here’s the look that you can achieve –


    If you have other styles to recommend, do write to us at info@simayaa.in or you can also connect to us on Facebook & share your individual style.

  • Three Tips To Avoid Fashion Fiascos

    I think the common mistake that a woman commits is selecting a dress that does not suit her looks or match her personality. Keep in mind the fashion trends but do not select a dress that is not suited to your persona. What might look good on your friend might not be the right choice for you. So do not go for common trends. Rather be introspective. Identify your own trend and create an individualistic fashion statement!


    Next keep in mind the occasion. Do not wear a loud dress at a mourning party or a somber one at a happy event. Know what will go with all occasion and wear those clothes. If you are not sure check out in the internet or consult any fashion consultant. Be careful about fitting. True you might not wear the branded clothes but you can always wear something which fits well. So pay attention to the fitting and find clothes which fit you perfectly.Labels do matter for branded or designer garments assures that extra something in terms of cut, make and finish that regular stores won't offer.


    So buy clothes which have a great finish- after all a worn out button on an expensive dress will make it look shabby! Check out the accessories. Even a gorgeous dress will go waste if your accessories are wrong! Also make sure you wear right shoes and carry proper bags. A mismatched shoe or a bag can mar the look you are so trying to create, so be careful.

    Finally be confident. Fashion mistakes do happen and we all do make that faux pass. However the important thing is to be confident about it and carry it off well!

  • Summer's Hottest Fashion Trends 2015

    How you dress is how you make the difference! This summer rather than following trends blindly belt out an individualistic style and create your own fashion statements. Our mantra is to #unfake fashion – which means stick to comfort, quality and ease and to say no to imitation.

    How you are going to plate it out is of course up to you but with a little help from our expert you can really be ahead in line of the most 'hawt & happening' icon in the dazzle town. Here are a few tips

    Go Khaki – this is the most soothing color that can double summer fun. Easy on colors is how you should ideally keep it to battle the heat and khaki is the unmatched choice of the sensible. Smart and clean slate khaki compliments and pairs well with most colors – so you don’t have to fret over what to match it with. Here are some


    Hippie Hurray – probably a little bold and upfront hippie deluxe is probably the most celebrated trend of the season round the globe. Hippie fashion is all about getting imaginative and experimental and therefore is the most safe-a-don to flaunt. The ultimate punch line is that you get to do your own matching and mixing without any inhibition. What exactly shows it off the brim is your attitude. In one line it is the attitude to get to wear over clothes – so think wisely before getting


    Jumpsuit – as the name suggest jump into one and you are in place. Jumpuits are smart, feminine and a beautiful idea to accentuate your curves. It is the ultimate urban styling that comes in both formal and informal cuts. Get to your nearest designer retail or the best designer store in your city to browse through the the Spring Summer collection 2015


    Patchwork Denim – Oh this one is our favorite! Pull out all the unused stacks and you can make for yourself one of the best summer designs. Infact inspired by the DIY projects of fashion addicts, brands these days are bringing into the foray patchwork denim lines to cater to the new age styles of urbanistas – get yours from the top fashion retail in your city.


    Stay tuned to know more about fashion trends.0

  • Summer Must Haves – The Importance Of A Dress

    Every woman should have least a pair of nice petite dress to flaunt, yes, even the ones who think the tomboy flair adds style to their character. So what is so good about a dress? The question evoked a lot of drama and emotions in designers who shares opinion on why a dress is a must have for every fashionista. “A dress brings out the feminine attributes of a woman” says one; another remarks “in a dress you could be more of you than you know of yourself”; a third one opines “women is all about curves and the dress helps flaunt it in the right manner”. So in case you are still wondering what new to get this summer season – think again – Why not a dress?

    From our latest summer collection here are some awe-inspiring options for you; Courtesy designers Kiran Uttam Ghosh, Sonal Kabra and Nakul Sen. The good news is now these wonderful designer gowns and designer tunics are available online – So shop till you drop from the comforts of your home.

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  • Haute Couture Ideas For Spring Summer

    The heat is turning up quickly and it is going to be one of the dreaded summers ever! To combat the heat and in panache, you need a little more something, than to follow trends blindly. This summer revamp, remould and rejoice the cool with best of haute couture ideas!

    Bank on Brands

    A simple way of going stylish without sweating over ideas is to bank on your favourite brands this season. A good brand usually comes with a classy line of summer outfits – day and night wear. Not only do you get to shop from a range of fabulous attires, but if quality matters, then you are probably a step ahead of others also in terms of comfort. Go grab a stunning dress and sport the grand look with your favourite brand.


    Simple is Smart

    Cut down on your makeup, accessories and your gaudy fashion ideas!

    Pop goes the Shoe

    UntitledShoe is one of the best accessories which can definitely give you a classy makeover; this summer if you have to try something exciting try on printed shoes, bright and quirky.


    Own a Gown
    The most elegant way to flaunt yourself at a summer party is to wear a gown. Looking truly sexy involves knowing what to bare —and what to keep under wraps. Otherwise, where's the mystery? Choose one—only one—body part and show it off. If it's cleavage, don't show your legs. If it's your legs, stay covered on top.

  • Must Have Accessories For A Modern Bride

    Though traditional is in this season , the modern bride often longs for some finery that is in tune with her contemporary taste. At the same time she is apprehensive that using a contemporary accessory might spoil her traditional look !

    So here are some top trends of 2015 she can use without spoiling her traditional look and yet getting that much needed fusion effect. Read on to know more...

    Crystal Bindis
    Traditional colored bindis are passé. Sparkling crystal bindis are the new rage of the modern times. You can wear them standing alone or complimenting a fancy maang tikka. Crystal bindis are available in a variety of colors and designs and you can easily select a sparkling crystal bindi that matches your bridal outfit to the hilt.


    The latest accessory to hit the Indian bridal wear is the tiara. Tiaras have been frequently spotted in the recent Indian weddings. They are ideal for the famous bouffant or buns that most Indian brides love to style their hair. The sparkling gemstones on the tiara make the bride the centre of attraction and easily supersede all other hair accessories.


    Clutch Bags

    Even though the bridal handbag is the most neglected accessory, still we should give weight to its importance. It has been overlooked because no bride would like to carry a large handbag on the most important day of her life. However, petite and beautifully embellished handbags can go well with the bridal look.

    This is because it can accommodate the bride’s lipstick and compact powder. All you need to do is ensure that the clutch is elegant and matches your bridal outfit so that you look gorgeous.


    Bajubands or armlets have been a historic part of Indian tradition forever. You can select one that has an entire traditional look or there may be some element of modernity as well in the accessory. They come in a variety of shapes that will cater to brides with differing tastes.
    Armlets are made of a variety of metals and these include gold, silver and platinum and they also have multicolored precious stones.


    Payals or anklets are a favorite accessory for every bride and you can go for modern ones with colored stones, crystals or meenakari. They look extremely pretty with the mehendi and fancy bridal footwear.
    A touch of contemporariness in her entire traditional attire will help her get the much needed oomph.

    All these should be matched to the exclusive Bridal lehenga choli which you can also buy online now!

  • Dressing Guide This New Year Eve

    Ring out the old, ring in the new,
    Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
    The year is going, let him go;
    Ring out the false, ring in the true. 

    1#LoveSimaaya These are the words that reverberate in almost all the poets' writings, be it Lord Tennyson or our own Rabindranath Tagore. True that sitting in Bengal we cannot ring the happy bells of welcome across the snow, but we can ring it perhaps in our own ethnic ways. So read on as in this article which talks about how we can maintain our own heritage and at the same time be innovative as well.

    The appeal and the glory of Bengal can be well experienced in its various festivals and celebrations.  The second-most important of them, right after the Durga puja is perhaps the celebration of the Bengali New Year, or the Poila Baishakh.  Baishakh is the first month of the Bengali calendar, and this day, ideally falling on the 14th/15th of April each year, is celebrated with much vivacity and zest.

    Nothing is Bengal is complete without a full gusto of celebration, and certainly the New Year would be the best time of all. No one can imagine a Bengali new year to be complete without the vivacious parties, plush Bengali spreads, various types of sweets, exchanging gifts, wearing new dresses, and last but not the least, the cultural programs.

    Fashion is a portion of any culture that makes it complete and so to dress up for this day buying clothes that suit the occasion. But this fashion is like the ever flowing river. It changes from time to time on its own course. Bengali fashion has also evolved with time. In our modern pace of life, it is not possible to don a saree or worse still, a dhoti and go for work or even carry on with your daily chores. But, it is not always that we have to “ring out the old to ring in the new". The old can also be remembered in an artful way while ringing in the new. This New Year celebration, or better the Bengali New Year eve parties are perhaps the best time to revive old fashions and take a peek into our cultural heritage. It is not everyday that we get the opportunity to dig out our parents' or grandparents' fashions and adorn them with our own slight touches of modernity.

    2On a Bengali New Year eve's party, women can go for the retro look with dhakai or taant done albeit in a modern fashion. The traditional look calls for right accessories like big bindis and lots of jewelry that are most of the time locked up in safety vaults. Be a little more adventurous and wear the saree in the Bengali style and hang a bundle of keys from it or a kinkini —a tinkling ornament. Put fresh flowers on your hairs.

    Men on such a party can surely complement their ladies in sarees, with a typically retro babu look (of course sans the garland around their wrists or the baiji dances!). A grand embroidered kurta, fashionable dhotis, and designer chappals would do the magic for any man.

    But whatever you dress as, remember not to go overboard. Give a dress rehearsal before the party, because no one expects the guests to topple over entangled in their sarees or dhotis, and also choose colors and fabrics that will suit you as well as make you comfortable in the summer. Touch it up with a soft perfume and you are ready to rock the party!



  • The Energy of Unconditional Love

    Why children hangon with their teddies, binkies, blankies, etcr way too long, actually wonder? Why they don't really realize a tale you've informed them have you actually pondered? Since youngsters are touchy-feely! Subjective ideas are not really understood by kids until around age 8. Many do not basically understand the style, although they will be able to spend lip-service to anything abstract earlier. Continue reading

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