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  • Indian Fashion In The West: Introspection

    #LoveSimaaya After Liv Tyler was photographed wearing mehendi in a popular fashion magazine in the Americas, just about everything that was associated with Indian fashion became popular in the West. A sari became the epitome of grace, a bindi became a symbol of completeness for a woman, and adorning oneself with mehendi became the high point in indulging one in the sensualities of Indian fashion.


    Traditional dresses of India have become a rage in the West with salwar kameez, saris, long flowing skirts disappearing off the shelves in a jiffy. Intricate designs, embroidery or rich vibrant colors, everything has helped Indian fashion in a big way in the west. The main reason for Indian clothes finding a good niche for themselves in the west is the ever growing Indian diaspora which tries to take their bit of India along with themselves.



    After the Chinese community, the Indian community is the largest in the foreign countries. Since California and New York are the cities where the majority of the immmigrants make a beeline for and these cities being the fashion hubs in the West, the demand for Indian fashion in these cities and consequently the entire west was inevitable.


    Indian fashion makes use of intricate thread work in zari which appeals to the Western crowd because of the sheer appeal the embroidery generates when done with gold threads. Block printing, cross stitching, kanth-work, mirrors, zari have been taken by designers and conveniently modified to suit to the sensibilities of the West. The result is saris with heavy thread work have set the stores of the likes of Macy’s, Kohl’s on fire with record sales of saris. Celebrities like Goldie Hawn and Naomi Campbell who have worn saris on special and social occasions have just added to the momentum the Indian fashion is gaining.


    Its not only the west but the entire world that is finally coming to terms with the intricate craftsmanship. Traditional fabrics have been taken to new heights in the global fashion industry. Its the small scale operation though that has been more siginificant in the widespread demand for Indian Fashion. Abroad, in every state there is a Little India which stocks everything from groceries to spices to apparel etc to suit the needs of the Indian diaspora. These serve as cheap alternatives for anyone who is interested in Indian fashion. With these small stores flourishing in every state and province in the West, it also provides a stable platform for this fashion to spread. The big chains offer the customer personalized and customized clothing albeit at a substantially higher prices to suit the needs of the buyer. These stores however stock everything in general. The smaller stores however stock the essential “rage” material. Stoles, shawls, kurtis which are popular without being prohibitively expensive.

    The way Indianisation of fashion is taking place, it is only a matter of time when traditional Indian dresses will become accepted as the accepted norm not only on the streets but also as a valid corporate attire.

  • Coconut Oil: An Indian Remedy To Glowing Skin!

    #LoveSimaaya Today let me talk about something apart from Indian fashion. Let me share with you some tips to look good and how to do it the Indian way. Yes! The ancient Indian science of beauty has many guidelines on the use of various ingredients which would allow one to look good. In this hub we talk about one such ingredient — the coconut oil.


    Some Salient Facts about Skin Health

    Did you know that coconut is beneficial not only for your hair but also for your skin? Yes, if you are keen to maintain your skin health, start applying coconut oil on your skin from today. In fact, coconut oil is perhaps the best treatment that can protect your skin from multiple malaises like tan, scars among others. Read this article to know more about the benefits of coconut oil on the skin. However first and foremost understand the basic constitution of your skin as this will help you to understand how coconut oil can benefit you.

    The skin is basically made of connective tissues and this gives it a smooth and elastic look. When these connective tissues become weak, the skin starts showing different kinds of problems. You must take proper care of your skin long before these connective tissues starts to weaken. So how to retain the elasticity of connective tissues? It is right here that coconut oil serves to be a handy. Let me tell you how…

    Facts to Know About Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil generally has small molecular structure and this allows it to be easily absorbed by your skin. Apart from that coconut oil has an anti-oxidant property which allows it to impart the same benefits as Vitamin E would do for your skin. It would remove the outer layer of the dead skin to give a fresh look to your skin. At the same time, it would also penetrate deeply into your skin and thereby strengthen the underlying tissues.


    Coconut oil gets easily absorbed into the skin resulting in a soft and a smooth structure. Your dry and wrinkled skin would get a lot of relief if you apply coconut oil. It is far better than any other creams and moisturisers. The creams can give only a temporary relief to your skin. They mainly contain moisture in the form of water. As soon as the moisture in these creams evaporates, your skin again becomes dry and wrinkled.

    How Coconut Oil Can Help?

    If you are suffering from any skin disease like eczema or psoriasis, directly apply coconut oil to the affected area as it can help you to effectively ward off the malaise. At the same time it would also be effective for reduction of any scar that your skin might have.

    When you apply coconut oil in your skin, it would not create any antimicrobial action. In course of time, the bacteria present in the skin would increase the number of fatty acids on the skin thereby preventing it from any kind of infection. The ultimate result would be a radiant glowing skin as well as a smooth complexion.


    If you are looking for anti aging products coconut oil is your best bet. Try to use the virgin coconut oil which has not undergone the refining process. This virgin coconut oil can fight with the free radicals and thus make your skin stay young for a long time.

    If you use this oil regularly there will be no liver spots on your skin. At the same time, it would also prevent the formation of any blemishes on your skin due and give your complexion a smooth tone. Your skin will really look healthy and younger now if you regularly start to take care of your skin. Do not delay. Apply coconut oil on your dry skin regularly and look radiant.




  • Pastel Shades and Flowery Print- Summer Tips For Looking Cool

    #LoveSimaaya The way to go in summers or springs are pastel shades and flowery prints. It not only gives us a soothing angel-like look, but the flowers also take us back to the visions of perfumed romantic wonders. Warm pastel shades are capable of giving magnificence to any dress on a summer day and the bright flowery prints can take you back to the memories of Hawaiian beaches with all their gusto. It is a must t select the right clothes especially the one suited for the kind of hot and humid summer that Kolkata has. At the same time it is also a must to be fashionable and look good.

    The tiny pinhead flower prints on your dress can remind you of wild meadows or the huge splashes of colorful flowers take you to the exotic jungles blooms. Whatever the print is, if it is floral, it will surely give you a retro look. The floral print was never out of fashion and you would have found a piece or two in any fashionable lady's wardrobe, but truly it has come back to fashion again recently with much vigor and zest.


    Be feminine this summer. Give up the masculine neutral, or more specifically business, look and highlight your more girlish charms for this part of the year adorning the floral pastel shades, yet be soft and appeasing to the eyes of the onlookers.

    Now let us venture into some basic fashion tips about pastel shades and flowery prints. Floral prints come out best on long flowing skirts, kaftan tops, or sundresses — be bold and experiment with these. Flowery flip flops are also great choice for summer outings. How about teaming up a soft pastel shaded single-color frock with floral printed flip flops and a large flowery handbag?

    But if you have an untanned skin, then it is best to avoid pastel shades in summer to avoid sunburns. Also, choose your floral prints according to your build — while big sprawling flowers will give the much-needed volume to a thin figure, small cute flowers will look good on someone already with volume and curves. So know these tips before you opt for the right clothes.

    But do we really need to restrain ourselves to our dresses? Floral accessories with a touch of pastel shades on the walls can give your house the best look this summer. Plenty of fresh and fragrant flowers and greens in the corners and on the fireplace mantle or window ledges will make the house alive. To bring out a more rustic charm, cushions and bedspreads and wall paintings can also have flowers strewn all over them! And nothing can add better to this rustic summer look than placing a watering can on one corner — it will not only convey the message that the flowers and green are fresh and alive but will also cool down the atmosphere with the charm of the water as always!

  • Why Does A Woman Need To Look Good?

    Beauty is associated with nature; beauty is associated with women. Women are unique creations of God and every women need to look good in their own ways for some purpose or the other. However, reports have shown that majority of women are concerned about the health and beauty of their husbands, their children and their other family members. In course of time, they absolutely forget to take care of themselves. They forget the fact that they also need to look good.

    Women mean creation. However, apart from taking care of others, every woman has a life of her own and each of them should know how to take care of themselves. They should pay proper attention to their personal likes and dislikes and based upon this they should choose their personal style.


    A young woman always should look good due to her age. At this age, she might have to choose her life partner. Though good looks are not the sole matter for getting a life partner but they are important part of the entire process. A woman also needs to look good in order to get success in the comparison made between friends. These comparisons are quite common in the young age.

    A woman who is extremely concerned about her career and regularly needs to go to the office should look good in her own ways. She should dress up properly not only to enhance her beauty but also to create a special effect on her personality. She needs to look good to create a deep impact on her surroundings in the office. A good and happy surrounding would make her whole day less tiring and her work more satisfying.

    A housewife might not have any where to go but that does not means that she should not take care of herself. In the busy chores of her life, she does not get time at all to take care of herself and look good. It is her duty to take out time for herself from her busy schedule and make every possible attempt to look good.

    Whatever might be the age, every woman must feel the need to look good and try their best to look good. Looks are not in the hands of any one. However, with a little grooming and proper care, the looks can always be improved and changed for the better. Moreover, if a woman looks good at least ten years later she can make a comparison of her past and present looks.

    Society is largely responsible because of which women do not make attempts to take care of them and look good. They do not feel the need that they also need to look good.

    It is high time to leave aside all other considerations. It can be said that a woman needs to look good not for any body else but for her own sake. Only then can she feel good and make others feel good.

  • Fashion Trends In Monsoon


    The clouds have darkened the sky, and you are sipping tea, wondering what to wear this rainy season. You certainly don’t want to ruin your classic silk shirt, and denims seem too sticky and clingy all of a sudden. ‘Tis monsoon, baby! Time to try out other fabrics, other styles Monsoon is certainly welcome after the hot summer cooling, but it is also humid, and it brings with it, mud. So the trend this monsoon is to be practical and stylish.

    Put away your silks, your heavy brocades, and your denims, because these cling. Bring forth the light cottons, polyester blends and gabardines. Light fabrics do not cling when wet and they dry up fast, so they are the ideal fabrics for the monsoons. Now, to pick out the colours. Let the dark clouds be the greys in your day, your attire should be vibrant. Embrace the bright, eschew the dull. This monsoon, the fashion is monochrome. Get yourself some bright monotones, and pair them with floral accessories and shoes. Choose from the most dazzling shades of red, yellow, orange, blue or green for your shirts and tops. For your bottoms, avoid whites and other light shades. Surely you do not want to be seen in mud speckled pants. Rather, choose dark shades that can camouflage any specks of dirt.


    Let ‘above the ankle’ be your motto in the rains. Put away your long dresses, sweeping skirts, full length pants, (you don’t want to sweep mud as you cross the puddle, and soaked hemlines do not add to beauty) and don some short skirts, shorts, hot pants, capris, or at least fold the hems of your long pants. For the more formal look, choose slim fit pants, as they are the rage now. Their exact length and narrow bottoms will enhance the entire look. For the trendy men out there, the in things this monsoon are checks and stripes for the formal look, and chevrons and tie-and-dye prints for casual wear.

    What about footwear this monsoon? Usually, leather and canvas shoes can get spoiled when wet, yet, for most men, leather shoes are unavoidable as office wear. Just make sure that the soles of your leather shoes are thick and wide. For others who want to be most stylish, don’t forget that apart from making a fashion statement, you want to make sure that your feet remain mess free. Fret not that you will have to wear gumboots.


    Thanks to PVC, foot attire has become not only stylish, but hassle free. Brands like CROCS are a great option, but so are others, which offer an astounding range of colours and styles from slip-ons, to floaters and sandals. Your feet can look just as bright and colourful as the rest of you, but still be comfortable and dry in this wet season.

    And don’t forget the most important accessory this monsoon – a lively umbrella. And now what are you waiting for? The rain showers beckon—go get wet!

  • How Important Is It For Women To Wear The Right Undergarments?


    Christian Dior once said that “without foundation, there can be no fashion” and he was definitely not wrong about it. Your underwear provides the very foundation upon which your entire style and appearance is based upon.

    All About Straps, Snaps, Bands, and Cups

    Finding the right bra doesn’t have to be an ordeal if you know the basics of bra sizing. The two components of bra fitting are the band size and the cup size.

    The band size is the part of the bra that runs across a woman’s chest and around her back. Measure around your bra directly under your bust after expelling all air from your lungs.

    The cups are the parts of the bra that hold the breasts. The difference between the band size and the bust size is the cup size. Bras come in many sizes, which are different combinations of the chest sizes (shown as these are 32, 34, 36, etc) and cup sizes (shown as letters — AA, A, B, C and so on).

    It’s important to get both the band and cup sizes right to ensure a proper fit. Cups that are too small will compress the breasts and force them to bulge out from the sides. And cups that are too big can wrinkle and pucker, which won’t look good under clothes.


    You should pay special attention to the hooks, wires and straps- the thicker the shoulder straps, the more support it provides! You may also want to try on a T-shirt over a bra you are thinking of buying to get the finished effect. Get a bra that complements your outfit. The color of your bra is also very important.

    The most important thing to remember in choosing a bra is comfort. Getting a bra that fits right is not only important for a great look, but also to maintain good breast health. Wearing a badly fitted bra can actually make you ill! Both headache and neck pain can be caused by a wrong sized bra.

    Right pair of panties

    Gone are the days when your underwear options were limited to black or white, brief or bikini. Now it seems that there are panty options in droves. Determining proper panty size depends on two factors- waist measurements and hip measurements.


    Decide how important comfort is to you. Briefs, boy shorts, and ladies boxers are the least constricting styles. Take the fabric into consideration. Polyester provides the most support, dries quickly and is great for workouts. Spandex or Lycra provides the most seamless look. Silk and satin are pretty, but must be hand-washed. Cotton is more hygienic because it’s breathable.

    A panty crotch should fit naturally against your body. It should not be so tight that they cause grooves along your thighs. Make sure your buttocks are well cupped!

    The wrong under-garments can ruin your look, but the right ones will give you license to wear just about anything by accentuating your figure to its best advantage!

  • Why To Opt For Designer Clothes? Best Kolkata Fashion Designers Shares Notes!

    There is a well known saying – “Clothes maketh a man”. In fact wherever you go, whatever you do, you are always adjudged by what you are wearing. A lot can be said and determined by just looking at the clothes you are wearing and your style sense. Whether you are modern in your thoughts or conventional, whether you are an outgoing person or an introvert, and also the amount of time and effort you put in to doing anything, can all be made out by just looking at your clothing.

    Take for example; you are going for an interview for a job in a reputed concern. If you are not dressed properly in front of the interviewers, then they draw an impression of you not taking things seriously, because most of them have a thinking that, if you do not take the least amount of effort to pull out the right shirt and tie for the occasion, how will you be able to tackle more important and significant things in the office.14

    Most of the people are of the impression that designer clothes and accessories are only meant for the models in the fashion industry. This is exactly where they go wrong. Fashion is term which has different meanings for everyone. For some, it maybe clothes they feel comfortable in, for others it maybe the latest trend in the market, for others still it may be sticking to one particular style that goes best with their image. Thus, while designing clothes, a fashion designer has to take care of every such possibility that the buyer can search for in a set of clothing, be it the comfort, style, trend or color. And the designer who does it best, is usually the popular one in the fashion industry.


    Designer clothes need not always be flashy or revealing, as usually tagged by most people. Designer clothes are just better tailored and designed so as to fit you better and make you look good in. The simplest of clothes that you wear can also be found in the designer clothes category, and you will notice the difference the moment you try them out.


    Designer clothes can also be chosen from to stand out in crowd. It is usually seen that when you are in an environment where you are strictly in a dress code, you realize that even your costliest apparel looks very ordinary in the crowd. The possibility to wear something different in terms of looks, style and fashion can only be had if you choose from designer wear.


    The fashion designers spend a lot of time researching the latest trends in the global market, along with sufficient focus on the comfort of the wear and the season they are to be designed for. Thus, they make some excellent pieces of fashionable and comfortable clothes that you would not find in normally tailored or market stitched clothes. It is therefore advised that whatever be the occasion you are choosing to buy clothes for, always stick to designer clothes to get greater value for money.

  • Tips On Choosing The Right Accessories: Select The Right Bangles With Your Dress

    Indian style of dressing has been admired by people all across the globe. The effort and sense of styling that goes into making the Indian attire is commendable and so are the accessories that accentuate these outfits.


    These accessories not only look beautiful but add to the persona of the wearer making the person look outstanding. The bangles are one such accessory which is worn by the women. It’s usually made of metals like gold, silver, and platinum but at times they are also made of other materials like glass, plastics, and woods amongst others.


    Wearing bangles made of precious metals is an expensive affair and often this is not safe too. Most women prefer wearing either metal or glass bangles or permutation of both. Low-priced bangles made from plastic are gradually substituting those made by glass, but the glass variants are still preferred at customary occasions. The bangles goes well with most of the Indian attires like saree and salwar suits, however with more and more women opting for western wear, colourful bangles made from fiber are a rage. Suited for all ages and dresses, bangles add that feminine appeal. Kadas as a single ornament can add elegance to an otherwise uninteresting attire.


    Remember like everything in dressing up even selecting the right accessory is a matter of introspection. Bangles might be a popular accessory but it is not an easy task to select the right bangle. So what goes with your dress needs to be ascertained first before you select the right bangle. For instance if you are going for a formal interview and want to wear something in your hand a single bangle is a good choice. If otherwise it is a date with your loved one you can opt for a bohemian chic look and in this case a number of colorful bangles is the best choice. Color of bangles is yet another important consideration – select a color that accentuates the color of your dress.

    Finally remember choosing the right bangle can contribute a lot toward making you look like a diva and so ignore it at your own risk!!

  • A Quick Wardrobe Check: Don’t Miss Out On The Essentials

    Fitted Lingerie: Know your size and wear the right lingerie. Indian women concentrate more on wearing the right apparels and accessories than wearing the right inners.

    1A white linen shirt (casual fit): white can never go wrong whether a rainy day or a hot summer midday. Wear it to office or to a get-together rest assured that you will look great.

    A well fitted jeans: though off the casual hook, a jeans is a life saver. Team it up with western tops or ethnic kurtis jeans blends well with all kinds of fashionable look.

    A designer party wear: It can be the LBD or the LWD or exotic gowns or any other types of Indian ethnic wear, whatever that gives you the luxe feel and makes you a standout!


    A good leather bag: if you are a kind of person who likes to carry her world with her then definitely get yourself a good leather bag, the slouchy ones, extra roomy, with extra zips and pockets.

    A comfortable pair of loafers: loafers are great comfy shoes to wear on a daily basis, can be worn even to informal parties. And here’s the look that you can achieve –


    If you have other styles to recommend, do write to us at info@simayaa.in or you can also connect to us on Facebook & share your individual style.

  • Three Tips To Avoid Fashion Fiascos

    I think the common mistake that a woman commits is selecting a dress that does not suit her looks or match her personality. Keep in mind the fashion trends but do not select a dress that is not suited to your persona. What might look good on your friend might not be the right choice for you. So do not go for common trends. Rather be introspective. Identify your own trend and create an individualistic fashion statement!


    Next keep in mind the occasion. Do not wear a loud dress at a mourning party or a somber one at a happy event. Know what will go with all occasion and wear those clothes. If you are not sure check out in the internet or consult any fashion consultant. Be careful about fitting. True you might not wear the branded clothes but you can always wear something which fits well. So pay attention to the fitting and find clothes which fit you perfectly.Labels do matter for branded or designer garments assures that extra something in terms of cut, make and finish that regular stores won't offer.


    So buy clothes which have a great finish- after all a worn out button on an expensive dress will make it look shabby! Check out the accessories. Even a gorgeous dress will go waste if your accessories are wrong! Also make sure you wear right shoes and carry proper bags. A mismatched shoe or a bag can mar the look you are so trying to create, so be careful.

    Finally be confident. Fashion mistakes do happen and we all do make that faux pass. However the important thing is to be confident about it and carry it off well!

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