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  • Colours to Keep in Mind while Restocking your Closet

    How many times have you taken out all your clothes from the closet and wondered for the umpteenth time that you have nothing suitable to wear? This can mean two things; either your wardrobe needs a complete revamp or you are a shopaholic who simply collects but never shops wisely! You can view this as a good opportunity to restock your closet and bring in new cuts, designs and colours.

    Printed Sarees Printed Sarees

    You cannot build a colour palette unless you are aware of your own style or choice or colours. Some shades like black, brown, beige and blue are universal, they are classic and can be effortlessly teamed up with other shades. Including them in your colour palette is a good idea, especially if you are partially cleaning out the old stock. If these shades are your main colours, choose a secondary set of shades as neutrals and accents. This should be varied enough so that they can be mixed with other colours for a good ensemble. You will be wearing a lot of the main colours, so buy jackets, trousers, shoes and coats of the same shade. For a neutral canvas, you can opt for muted shades and pastel tones, like different shades of pink and blue. Your accessories like your scarves, ties, tops which you would generally pair up with your basics should be your accent colours.


    Once you have decided on your base and accent/highlight colours, it is time to bring out your imaginative self and play around with the shades. Good thing about black and white shades is that you can be quite flexible with these shades and can integrate them easily in your outfits. There are many ways you can do it. With block dressing, you can one solid colour from your palette and combine with not more than two other shades. In block dressing, you can have coloured shirts, shorts or small items and mix them with neutral shades like a leather jacket or a pair of denim jeans. To add a bit of variety to the way you dress, you can opt for tonal dressing; choose a single colour which acts almost like a theme and wear different shades of that colour in your outfit. This gives you a lot of liberty in choosing your shades and experiment with shades.


    While restocking, it is good to go minimalistic. You can be imaginative with colours even when you are being a minimalist. Often there are shades which make us happy and integrating them in your wardrobes can make you feel good. You may have happy memories associated with the colour yellow or feel serene in green. Do not forget to add those colours to your closet, because the ultimate aim is to feel good while wearing your dress!

  • Spring Summer Trends in Accessories

    A woman is incomplete without perfect outfits and accessories. Best party store in Kolkata enlightens you with the accessory trend this spring summer that are going to rule the fashion arena.

    Artisan Crafts


    Women's accessories trend say that this year artisan's artifacts will dominate the fashion industry. This trend includes a series of artisan crafted items such as ornaments, handbags, belts and even shoes. These ethnic pieces are sophisticated and luxurious. An eclectic material that will complement your style and beauty at the best; intricate designs, patchwork and embroidery give a new statement to your stylish avatar.

    A Little Black Dress


    Unanimously the most accepted style icon among the women all over the world. An LBD is a must for every wardrobe and when comes the party nights adorn the dress with minimal jewelry to stand apart in a crowd.

    Elegant Scarves


    Even if you are in a basic t-shirt and jeans a printed scarf can change the entire look. A printed scarf that goes well with multiple dresses can make your day and trust me, women should invest in a high quality scarf that can keep them warm in winters as well as can create a stylish look. Girls can pair it up with casual jackets too.

    Colors Are in Vogue This Season


    Best ethnic  wear for women predicts that 2017 will be a year of vibrant hues and loud colored outfits. Metallic look, stripes and prints would be big this year. Be it ladies handbags or belts, be it shoes or jewelry colors are everywhere.

    Seductive Sunglasses


    Other than providing protection against the sun rays a sunglass adds lots of style statements. Many types and patterns are available in the market for sunglasses but be wise to choose the ones that suits your face type. One important thing to keep in mind that sports sunglasses are not good with formal wear. Woman can don various sunglasses for various purposes.

    Flaunt your new fashionista avatar this spring summer in perfectly fitted outfits with matching accessories. Give a wiser thought to your style statement with small twists and feel the changes.


  • Dressing Trends 2017

    New patterns, colors and styles offer insight to the new fashion trends in the coming year 2017 from experience and fashion shows. Film industry and fashion houses have a bold say incorporating new trends in the field of fashion. Here comes the sincere effort from the best sari shop Kolkata, Simaaya to throw some lights on the coming trends.

    Love Is in The Air


    Romantic dresses in vibrant colors are in the top trends now. The fashion houses and red carpet events throw lights on dramatically draped saris, opulent lehenga and exclusive anarkalis from the best lehenga store Kolkata, Simaaya Fashions.

    Tudor Style

    Puffed sleeves and retro looking hairdos are going to rule 2017. The Elizabethan look will be donned in the international arena this year. Cream colored tops that are inspired by classic era will convey a modern twist in this coming year.

    Super Stripes


    Yes, stripes are back again, you can wear stripes of different sizes and colors in the same outfit. Even stripes are ‘in’ for the saris too. Designer saris in Kolkata says that sari weavers put a deep glance in striped design again in this coming year. Different fabrics such as cotton and silk saris are made in the stripes that are flaunted by the models and divas of the film and fashion industry.

    Dresses over Pants


    It is kind of ‘old wine in a new bottle’. The trend is back again but the look can definitely help you to freshen up your wardrobe. Big brands styled their models in dress-over-pants ensemble and that gave a hint that this will be a style statement in the coming year.

    If you have a futuristic vision you can easily notice that be it jewellery or garments the retro look is very apt for the arriving year along with some new trends. Open your eyes and ears to get the first news on the trends in the market. Be wise to put your mind over matter when buying new outfits and choose according to your taste and persona. Always remember that you can be the trend setter in the field of fashion if you know how to carry an outfit flaunting your best personality.





  • New Year New Resolution

    With the arrival of the New Year people already started to make new lists of resolutions. Some points are added for the first time and many are there that have not been achieved in the present year and thus pushed to the next one. Best Salwar Store Simaaya bestows a sincere effort to enlighten you about some resolution ideas for the coming year.

    Be more awesome than last year

    Best Ethnic Wear for Women, Best saree store Kolkata, Best Saree shop Kolkata, Best Salwar store Kolkata

    You will find yourself at home most of the time when you get stuck in a rut. Meet new people, be interesting and have a beautiful network in the coming year to be more awesome. Clear your mental blockage and make lots of good friends. Overcoming shyness is indeed an achievement, is not it? If you are confident and other people notice it, it will be much easier for you to have your opinion heard.

    Be More Active

    Ignore all negativities of your life and embrace positivity. All you need to do is to find a way of moving around throughout the day instead of staying hunched over the computer. Spend more quality time with your family; have at least one meal together and go for a long fresh walk after dinner with your partner.

    Change Is on The Cards

    Make a list of major and minor life style changes. Keep remember that self help is the best help and stick to those changes only which are beneficial for health, both mental and physical. Try to find out interesting ways to increase your focus and cognitive capacities. Meditation reduces stress, lessens anxiety and even increases the brain-activity which involves muscle control, sensory perception, decision making and self control; so make it a habit of everyday, trust me, at the end of the day you will discover a new you.

    Lose Weight, Stay Fit


    December month comes with many occasions and so many people pack on pounds during this time and then resolve to lose the weight in the new-year. This is the time to gear up to lose those extra kilos by enrolling to some good gym. Carrying excess weight puts us at a greater risk of a whole range of serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes; without making much fuss about what to eat and what not try to keep it simple. Eat lesser amount and try to stick to it throughout the year.

  • Top Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

    Fashion mistakes or faux pas is something that every people have done in some time or other. So, let’s talk about some of the top fashion mistakes that we need to avoid.


    Opting for Unflattering Shades/ Opting for Same Shades

    If you have a fairer skin tone, go for pink, white or even fiery red. If you have a dusky shade, believe it or not you can actually play with any color if you know the way to pull it off. Many a people try sticking to some basic colors and that may provide a dull look. So, it is actually important to understand that which shade suits you and once done, start trying.


    It is also a common mistake to consider that red is only cool as a bridal wear as it you can always find celebrities flaunting themselves in red gowns or even smart and short dresses.

    One Bold Shade at a Time

    You might have the idea, that playing with bold colors is actually not safe. So, if you are wearing a fushia pink blouse, you can surely go for an emerald green silk clutch that matches your designer sari. Believe it or not this will make you look simply stunning.


    Not a Good Fit

     Always it is important to check, whether the outfit you are wearing, is well tailored or not, as only a well fit dress can make your look. Your attire should make your best aspects come up and hide or conceal the not so good parts. It should not be too tight or too loose.

    Bad Choice of Materials

    You need to select a piece which will provide you maximum comfort. Although synthetics might look good but it is not that a good option to choose. Buy something that will be your true possession. Hunt for that perfect piece as you are truly worth it.


    Outfit Not Matching the Occasion

    Dressing overtly for any occasion is actually not a good choice. So, if you are going for a casual outing, opt for a minimalistic look. Like, if you are going for a beach party then it is better that you avoid heels where as if you are going for an evening party, heels will complete your look actually.

    Mixing prints

    Many think that one print should be there at a time. But, your attire can really get a fresh look, if you can mix prints smartly. Leopard prints is actually good to start with. You can mix with a different animal print in your belt, shoe or bag to look immensely in trend.

    So, play smart and look fashionable.

  • Feel Romantic in Evening Gowns On Valentine's Day

    For all you lovebirds out there, spring is here and it's time to get ready for Valentine's Day. On this day, Cupid comes to earth to aim his bow and arrow and strike those lucky in love for 2016. This day is special and many couples dine by  candlelight or at a special restaurant. To feel romantic with your Valentine, slip on a long dress or evening gown this year.


    Colour of Love

    Red is globally considered to be an eternal symbol of love and this occasion is no different. It is the colour of passion and is even more loud when paired with black. However, you can stand out from the crowd by experimenting with more than basic black and red this Valentine's Day.  Go for a cooler shade, such as cyan, baby pink and fawn outfits to surprise your loved one. You may be tempted by colour, but remember the trendiest colours may not suit your skin tone.


    Accessorize Wisely

    Jewellery is a vital part of evening wear, but it must be carefully chosen. Accessorize with real gold or silver if you are planning a formal Valentine dinner. Otherwise stick to fashion jewellery. If your gown is embellished with rhinestones, sequins and embroidery, choose subtle pieces to avoid looking gaudy. Pick a bold statement necklace or sparking bangles or charming bracelets, if your dress is simple. Carry a small sling bag or an sparkly clutch to complement you ensemble and remember that after dinner there may be music and dancing, so choose stylish yet comfortable shoes.


    Pamper yourself

    Don't forget to relax by taking a nice long warm bubble bath with scented salts, bath milk and essential oil. Use a scrub or a loofah and afterward splurge on lots of great smelling lotion that rejuvenates skin. Also get pampered by your beautician with a new haircut, style and makeup. Bright skin on Valentine's Day will make any woman feel good about herself, so a facial or homemade face mask is a must.


    Length of Dress

    Floor length dresses and ball gowns and evoke images of a prom, party, or an occasion to dance. Today, both long and short Valentine dresses are usually embellished and suitable for dancing in. Whether you decide to express your love for your Valentine with a gift, flowers, confectionery, or just a card, you want to look alluring and attractive on this day.



    Be prepared, as your Prince Charming can even pop the big question on this night, so choose from a variety of elegant evening gowns. Shop online for a romantic evening cocktail dresses at the Simaaya Fashions online store.

  • Dress in Red - Top Choices from Simaaya

    Valentine’s Day is already round the corner and you can surely see red colored dresses going on and off the shelves. Red has been considered as a color which is always in fashion. So, naturally you too must have quite a few red dresses or is planning to buy one.

    We give you some tips of how to dress in red:

    Wear a Suitable Red

    This classy color will not only make you look gorgeous but will enhance your beauty for sure. Go for a tone that will look good on you, it is similar to choosing of a perfect red lipstick or nail polish for yourself. Suiting almost all skin shades, darker red looks good in darker complexion women whereas fair skinned person looks best in fiery red or orange.


    Don’t Overdo

    Try not to wear everything in red. Keep some of your accessories in different shades or matching the border of your dress or sari. Red nail polish and lipstick will complete your look and red blush or eye-shadow is better to be avoided. In case of make-up too, keep this rule in mind.

    Go Bold with Red

    Red is a shade that is apt for those who has a bold people, who loves to flaunt their undaunted personality. The ones who have a less exuberant personality, you can always try a red belt, socks, heels, scarf’s or even ties. This will add that missing spunk to your look.


    Accessorize Right

    The right accessories too can make or break a look. So opt for the ones which are not red. Go for a golden or silver sequined clutch matching the dress you are wearing. Go for that suitable bold or statement earring or ring that suits your apparel.


    While choosing makeup, keep it simple. Choose a light foundation and a golden eye-shadow that will make you look extremely beautiful. Whether you are keeping our long hair open or you are doing a style, keep it neat and you can always go for different shaped red hair clips. If you have short hair keep it smart yet simple.


    Wear it Right

    Choose a material which is soft and comfortable and has a design that you like to wear. Polka dots, floral and even plaid in red look great too. Maxi dresses or a long flaunting gown is perfect for an evening party or valentine day. If you have long legs then surely flaunt them by wearing a short dress. Love ethnic? Then go for a red designer sari only available at Simaaya Fashions.

    So, show off your style and look ravishing this Valentine’s Day with red.

  • Look Your Stunning Best This Wedding Season!

    The Big Fat Indian Weddings are a lot more than a mixture of significant rituals. The bridesand their maids go through several rounds of denial before actually settling for the outfits they want to wear for theseveral wedding occasions. Simaaya is taking an initiative to help you all in choosing the attires.

    Yellow anarkali

    The concept of Bachelorette has found its way in India nowadays where the bride-to- be shares some fun filled moments with her besties and family before entering into her married life. This is merely a way to celebrate the end of spinsterhood with a bash. Thus Simaaya Fashions brings to you this lovely long anarkali suit in fresh yellow embroidered georgette fabric and matching georgette dupatta. Mesmerize everyone with this grand party wear.

    simaaya gerogette saree

    Haldi in Indian wedding ceremony holds a special significance as it is believed to bring peace and harmony in the soon to be couple’s married life. Why not inflate the significance with a saree that looks as serene as haldi itself. This cream and orange faux crepe saree with Jacquard will enhance the beauty that haldi puts on the bride’s skin.


    The Mehendi ceremony depicts love for the upcoming married life of the bride & groom apart from the artistic look it provides. Appear wonderfully attractive in this sky blue faux georgette saree with matching gold and black blouse on the day of mehendi.

    Simaaya sangeet lehenga @#4

    The ceremony of mehendi comes with merrymaking among the family members and close friends a day before the bride takes the wedding vows. In India, we name this joyous ceremony as Sangeet, where the bride’s family and friends dance and sing to bring auspicious vibes before the actual wedding ceremony.
    On this sparkling occasion, look strikingly gorgeous in this beige and light green lehengacholi with patch border work at the pleats and sea green dupatta.

    Simaaya golden yellow bridal lehenga @#$$$$$$$$^

    Whether it’s your wedding or your friends’s or sister’s or relative’s; everyone deserves to look her stunning best on the wedding as it is the day every girl dreams of since her childhood. Look gorgeous in this Golden Yellow Lehenga style saree in chiffon and net fabric. Team it up with beige embroidered blouse.

  • How To Jazz Up Your Little Black Dress For A Party

    Every modern woman's wardrobe will have at least one classic little black dress. It is a versatile, quick, no fuss choice especially when there's little time to plan what to wear to a party. The LBD comes in many different forms, materials, and even lengths. It can go from looking outright feminine and charming to attention seeking and dazzling. But what they all do is make a casually chic, bold statement, leaving an unforgettable impression on the crowd.


    Depending on your body type and height, select a dress design that flatters your figure and makes you comfortable too. You don't have to look like a 'spring chicken' in a tight-fitted number made of leather to impress the crowd, instead pick a longer and lighter flowing fabric and accessorize to hide any flaws well, but still look well-styled.

    There is no better inspiration for buying new party wear dresses than following celebrity trendsetters. What the stars on the red carpet wear are perfect for parties, whether they're celebrity evening gowns or little black dresses, you are sure to find one you like.


    Once you choose and buy your designer party dress, it's time to accessorize and keep a few basic things in mind before stepping out. Ensure that your underwear is well fitted, minimizing any bulges to make your little black dress fit like a dream. Make heads turn with lacy black tights or satin leggings that will help jazz up the outfit. Walk out confidently on the streets in a neutral colored faux fur cape. Here are a few pointers.

    Put on your Dancing Shoes

    If you're planning on dancing at the party, make sure you wear eye-catching high heels that are also comfortable. If it's winter time, try a shoe alternative by substituting your high heels with a feminine pair of ankle boots in a festive color. Party wear dresses paired with thin ankle strap heels has a universal appeal because a woman of any height can wear them, especially short and petite figures.


    Add a Pop of Colour

    Just like bling, a splash of color makes a fashion statement like no other. Statement jewelry in a contrasting color or a bright clutch bag usually manages to instantly jazz up a simple LBD. Add sparkle and a pop of color to your clutch with colored stones, beads or simply carry a golden clutch. Another easy way to add a pop of color is by wearing red peep toe heels to contrast a plain LBD. If you go for an all back look, add color or bling to your jacket or faux fur when you're outside. If you can't think of anything else, you can wear a rich red lipstick with an all gold or silver accessories to the party.


    Sizzle in Statement Necklaces

    It is really this easy to turn your boring, below-the-knee dress into a glamorous one by adding a bold, statement necklace and stand out from the crowd. But be careful with big chokers; choose a longer necklace if you have a short neck.

    Pearl necklaces also make a classy impression when paired with the right dress, just as Coco Chanel once did in her first LBD design. Bollywood's Kangana Ranaut and Hollywood's Katherine Heigl both ooze sophisticated charm in their outfits. Kangana herself is inspired by Audrey Hepburn's classical look from the 1961 American romantic comedy, 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s.'


    Show your Wild side in Animal Prints

    Women's accessories with animal prints, once made famous by celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian, work well with black party wear dresses. If your LBD is already endowed with plenty of pop and sparkle, accessorize minimally.

    Whether you are shopping for evening gowns or searching for Indian party wear online, pick your next cocktail dress from a unique Indo-Western dresses designer such as Simaaya Fashions e-store with global shipping.

  • Winter Bride Dressing Lookbook

    In India, winter is the time to get married. While it is good to stay away from the dirt, sweat and grime which are accompaniments of a dreary and hectic wedding preparations and rituals, the steep fall in temperature means that some style tweaks are necessary to beat the chill while staying fashionable. Here are a few steps by which one can certainly stay warm and stylish.


    Cholis with Long Sleeves and Top Wear With High Neck

    The best way to keep the chill at bay is to wear a long sleeved choli so that the cold air spares your arms. Also ensure that the kurtis, blouses or cholis have high neck and collar so that you can stay covered up in the freezing cold.

    Bond with Heavy Fabrics

    Winter is the perfect time to experiment with velvet that is warm and chic at the same time. Not only does it gives a royal touch to your bridal trousseau, but is great in itself as a warm cloth. Popular styles are heavily embellished velvet blouses or kurti or lehenga paired with velvet jackets. Also popular are fabrics like silk and brocade.

    Embellished Shawls

    When you are wearing a lehenga, just ditch that conventional dupatta and replace it with an embellished shawl. Arrange it in the dupatta style over your shoulders and arm and you will be a fashionistas and comfortable at the same time.

    Do Away With Cholis

    Cholis are not as indispensable as they earlier were. Rather, this winter team the beautiful lehenga with an equally stunning short kurti styled like a jacket. It looks amazing and is very utilitarian for the winter dreading bride.

    Stunning Lehenga Sarees

    In case you are too partial towards sarees and want to wear it on your big day, then go for a heavily embellished lehenga saree. The look is core feminine and complements any color and embellishments. Keep the pallu pleated and then keep the edge pinned to your shoulders so as to show off the pallu design.


    Dressing up magnificently is absolutely necessary for any woman on an important day. In winter the options dwindle because of the cold. However, try these smart ideas so that you can dress like a million bucks and stay cozy and warm as well

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