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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Indian Fashion In The West: Introspection

    #LoveSimaaya After Liv Tyler was photographed wearing mehendi in a popular fashion magazine in the Americas, just about everything that was associated with Indian fashion became popular in the West. A sari became the epitome of grace, a bindi became a symbol of completeness for a woman, and adorning oneself with mehendi became the high point in indulging one in the sensualities of Indian fashion.


    Traditional dresses of India have become a rage in the West with salwar kameez, saris, long flowing skirts disappearing off the shelves in a jiffy. Intricate designs, embroidery or rich vibrant colors, everything has helped Indian fashion in a big way in the west. The main reason for Indian clothes finding a good niche for themselves in the west is the ever growing Indian diaspora which tries to take their bit of India along with themselves.



    After the Chinese community, the Indian community is the largest in the foreign countries. Since California and New York are the cities where the majority of the immmigrants make a beeline for and these cities being the fashion hubs in the West, the demand for Indian fashion in these cities and consequently the entire west was inevitable.


    Indian fashion makes use of intricate thread work in zari which appeals to the Western crowd because of the sheer appeal the embroidery generates when done with gold threads. Block printing, cross stitching, kanth-work, mirrors, zari have been taken by designers and conveniently modified to suit to the sensibilities of the West. The result is saris with heavy thread work have set the stores of the likes of Macy’s, Kohl’s on fire with record sales of saris. Celebrities like Goldie Hawn and Naomi Campbell who have worn saris on special and social occasions have just added to the momentum the Indian fashion is gaining.


    Its not only the west but the entire world that is finally coming to terms with the intricate craftsmanship. Traditional fabrics have been taken to new heights in the global fashion industry. Its the small scale operation though that has been more siginificant in the widespread demand for Indian Fashion. Abroad, in every state there is a Little India which stocks everything from groceries to spices to apparel etc to suit the needs of the Indian diaspora. These serve as cheap alternatives for anyone who is interested in Indian fashion. With these small stores flourishing in every state and province in the West, it also provides a stable platform for this fashion to spread. The big chains offer the customer personalized and customized clothing albeit at a substantially higher prices to suit the needs of the buyer. These stores however stock everything in general. The smaller stores however stock the essential “rage” material. Stoles, shawls, kurtis which are popular without being prohibitively expensive.

    The way Indianisation of fashion is taking place, it is only a matter of time when traditional Indian dresses will become accepted as the accepted norm not only on the streets but also as a valid corporate attire.

  • Coconut Oil: An Indian Remedy To Glowing Skin!

    #LoveSimaaya Today let me talk about something apart from Indian fashion. Let me share with you some tips to look good and how to do it the Indian way. Yes! The ancient Indian science of beauty has many guidelines on the use of various ingredients which would allow one to look good. In this hub we talk about one such ingredient — the coconut oil.


    Some Salient Facts about Skin Health

    Did you know that coconut is beneficial not only for your hair but also for your skin? Yes, if you are keen to maintain your skin health, start applying coconut oil on your skin from today. In fact, coconut oil is perhaps the best treatment that can protect your skin from multiple malaises like tan, scars among others. Read this article to know more about the benefits of coconut oil on the skin. However first and foremost understand the basic constitution of your skin as this will help you to understand how coconut oil can benefit you.

    The skin is basically made of connective tissues and this gives it a smooth and elastic look. When these connective tissues become weak, the skin starts showing different kinds of problems. You must take proper care of your skin long before these connective tissues starts to weaken. So how to retain the elasticity of connective tissues? It is right here that coconut oil serves to be a handy. Let me tell you how…

    Facts to Know About Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil generally has small molecular structure and this allows it to be easily absorbed by your skin. Apart from that coconut oil has an anti-oxidant property which allows it to impart the same benefits as Vitamin E would do for your skin. It would remove the outer layer of the dead skin to give a fresh look to your skin. At the same time, it would also penetrate deeply into your skin and thereby strengthen the underlying tissues.


    Coconut oil gets easily absorbed into the skin resulting in a soft and a smooth structure. Your dry and wrinkled skin would get a lot of relief if you apply coconut oil. It is far better than any other creams and moisturisers. The creams can give only a temporary relief to your skin. They mainly contain moisture in the form of water. As soon as the moisture in these creams evaporates, your skin again becomes dry and wrinkled.

    How Coconut Oil Can Help?

    If you are suffering from any skin disease like eczema or psoriasis, directly apply coconut oil to the affected area as it can help you to effectively ward off the malaise. At the same time it would also be effective for reduction of any scar that your skin might have.

    When you apply coconut oil in your skin, it would not create any antimicrobial action. In course of time, the bacteria present in the skin would increase the number of fatty acids on the skin thereby preventing it from any kind of infection. The ultimate result would be a radiant glowing skin as well as a smooth complexion.


    If you are looking for anti aging products coconut oil is your best bet. Try to use the virgin coconut oil which has not undergone the refining process. This virgin coconut oil can fight with the free radicals and thus make your skin stay young for a long time.

    If you use this oil regularly there will be no liver spots on your skin. At the same time, it would also prevent the formation of any blemishes on your skin due and give your complexion a smooth tone. Your skin will really look healthy and younger now if you regularly start to take care of your skin. Do not delay. Apply coconut oil on your dry skin regularly and look radiant.




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